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Japanese Luxury Bag for Carrying Watermelon is for Serious Fruit Lovers Only

Tsuchiya Kaban, a Japanese handbag maker, has created a luxury bag made from Italian luxury leather that specifically holds watermelons. The luxury watermelon bag was designed by Tsuchiya Kaban and crafted by Japanese artisan Yusuke Kadoi as part of the maker’s “The Fun of Carrying” campaign, according to JapanandExtra. In terms of design, the watermelon […]

Landmark Ruling in Japan Recognizes Survivors of Atomic Bombing Outside Hiroshima

After decades of alleged neglect, Japan finally recognizes people who lived further away from Hiroshima as survivors of the atomic bombing in 1945. Landmark ruling: A Hiroshima district court ruled on Wednesday that 84 more plaintiffs, exposed to radioactive “black rain” during World War II, are now entitled to the same medical benefits as those […]

Cosplayer and media personality Kaho Shibuya weighs in on the Uzaki-chan debate

From its initial serialization as a manga (illustrated by Take) in December 2017 on Niconico Seiga’s Dra Dra Sharp website to its anime adaptation by ENGI which began airing last month, “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” has sparked controversy on both sides of the Pacific. The sexy slice-of-life odd-couple comedy about Shinichi Sakurai, an introverted […]

Tokyo Metro tests its first unmanned security and cleaning robot at Tsukishima Station

On June 12, Tokyo Metro conducted its first test run of using an unmanned robot to disinfect commonly used surfaces in Tsukishima station, located in the Chuo Ward of Tokyo. The robot, named Patoro (from the first two syllables of the Japanese word for “patrol”, パトロール or patorōru, and the “ro” from “robot”) was created […]

Japanese mathematician gets validation for number theory solution

A proof by Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki of an over 30-year-old problem in number theory has obtained validation, Kyoto University said Friday following controversy over his theory often labeled as too novel and complicated to understand. The Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences of the university accepted for publication his 600-page proof of the abc conjecture, […]

East Japan venture develops copper fiber sheet that hastens virus particle inactivation

A thin sheet of copper fiber that can speed up the process of inactivating virus particles, potentially stopping them from causing infections, has been developed by a university-based startup in collaboration with a local textile manufacturer here. The Gunma University-based venture Gunma University Development & Innovation (GUDi), in the Gunma prefectural city of Kiryu, and […]

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