Japanese Luxury Bag for Carrying Watermelon is for Serious Fruit Lovers Only

Tsuchiya Kaban, a Japanese handbag maker, has created a luxury bag made from Italian luxury leather that specifically holds watermelons.

The luxury watermelon bag was designed by Tsuchiya Kaban and crafted by Japanese artisan Yusuke Kadoi as part of the maker’s “The Fun of Carrying” campaign, according to JapanandExtra.

In terms of design, the watermelon bag shares similarities to a bowling ball handbag.

The video advertisement shows the craftsman meticulously cutting and sewing the pieces of the bag together. The snaps along the edges of the bag ingeniously keep the watermelon snug inside the carrying case.

Unfortunately, the luxury watermelon bag is not for sale. Watermelon enthusiasts will not be toting this bag inside grocery stores anytime soon. Instead, the handbag will be put on display at its stores located in Shibuya and Roppongi in Tokyo.