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7 Best Airlines for Traveling to Japan

After more than two years of pandemic-related closures, Japan has once again opened its doors to tourists. This exciting development has travelers eager to explore the Land of the Rising Sun. If you’re planning to embark on this journey across the Pacific Ocean, you might wonder: What’s the best airline to choose for your voyage […]

Meet Tamiko Honda: The 90-Year-Old McDonald’s Employee with 23 Years of Dedication

The Remarkable Routine of Tamiko Honda In the heart of Kumamoto City’s Chuo-ku district in Japan, you’ll find an extraordinary person who has achieved legendary status in the realm of fast-food employment. Meet Tamiko Honda, a 90-year-old who proudly claims the title of the most devoted employee in McDonaldland. For the past 23 years, Tamiko […]

Daisugi: An Ancient Japanese Agricultural Technique for Sustainable High-Quality Wood

Daisugi is a traditional agricultural technique in Japan that involves cultivating trees vertically to obtain high-quality timber. This technique originated in the Kitayama region of Kyoto Prefecture and has been used by local farmers for centuries. Here’s everything you need to know about daisugi and its benefits. Origin and History of Daisugi The practice of […]

Japanese Scientists Reveal Microplastics are Present in Clouds

Microplastics Found in Clouds Impacting Climate, Japanese Study Reveals Japanese scientists have discovered the presence of microplastics in clouds, shedding light on a potentially impactful yet poorly understood aspect of climate change. Collecting Cloud Water In a study published in the journal Environmental Chemistry Letters, Japanese researchers embarked on an ambitious mission to collect water […]

Japan’s Population Sees First-Ever 10% Share of Those Aged 80 and Above

Japan’s Elderly Population Surpasses 10% Milestone According to government data released on Sunday, individuals aged 80 and over now constitute more than 10 percent of Japan’s population, marking the first time this threshold has been reached. Japan, renowned for having the world’s highest proportion of elderly citizens, is grappling with the challenges of managing a […]

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