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Top 10 Most Bizarre Japanese Game Shows Of All Time

Japan is famous for its quirky side, and Japanese game shows are a prime example of that quirkiness. These shows fully embrace the weird, featuring wild costumes, flashy lights, and crazy physical challenges that can be both entertaining and, well, a bit crazy. It’s like mixing Japan’s love for animation with the crazy stunts you’d see in a Saw movie.

Now, let’s dive into the top 10 weirdest Japanese game shows you won’t believe exist.

1. Candy or Not Candy

  • In “Candy or Not Candy,” celebrity contestants face the bizarre challenge of determining whether an object is candy or an everyday item.
  • The art form known as sokkuri is used to create chocolate replicas of everyday objects, from shoes to doorknobs.
  • Contestants must avoid potentially biting into these inanimate objects.


  • Contestants are forced to solve puzzles and answer questions in high-stress scenarios.
  • Challenges range from balancing on a retracting plank to escaping a room rapidly filling with water.

3. TORE! 

  • Contestants try to answer seven questions before they are completely mummified.
  • They are wrapped in cloth from head to toe and placed in a tomb as they play.

4. Human Tetris 

  • Contestants stand on a platform while walls with challenging cutouts move towards them.
  • They must maneuver their bodies to fit through the cutouts, with increasing difficulty.

5. The Bum Game

  • Girls hide their identities behind a mold, revealing only their bottoms.
  • Contestants must identify each girl based solely on the two holes revealing their bums.

6. AKBingo!

  • Dodgeball with disturbing consequences for those who get hit.
  • Punishments chosen by a comedy duo, involving grotesque challenges like blowing insects into a tube.

7. Let’s Go To The End Of The World

Contestants travel the world and face strange tasks, such as confronting wildlife from a Plexiglas cube.

8. Strip the Girl

  • Male contestants complete challenging tasks to catch glimpses of a naked model behind a board.
  • Challenges involve throwing bean bags to remove sections on the board.

9. Wake-Up Challenge

  • Judges wake up attractive girls sleeping on the floor in cute ways.
  • Girls not deemed cute enough get a pie in the face.

10. Spread Your Legs

  • A painful game involving three girls, a spinning wheel, and a torture device.
  • The machine spreads the girl’s legs further, with unclear victory conditions.

Top 10 Most Bizarre Japanese Game Shows Of All Time

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