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Japanese Man Breaks Consecutive Pull-Up Record with Impressive 650+ Reps

Kenta Adachi, a dedicated fitness enthusiast from Japan, achieved an extraordinary milestone by completing a staggering 651 consecutive pull-ups on March 4, 2022. This remarkable feat earned him the prestigious title of holding the world record for the most consecutive pull-ups.

Qualifying for the Record

To secure this impressive record, Kenta Adachi adhered to strict guidelines. His body remained in a straight line throughout the entire attempt, with his body hanging limply before the commencement of the first pull-up. Each repetition consisted of lifting his body until his chin cleared the bar, followed by lowering himself until his arms were fully extended. This challenging process was repeated as many times as he could physically endure, with no more than 15 seconds allowed between each pull-up.

The Journey to Excellence

What makes Kenta Adachi’s achievement even more awe-inspiring is his journey to this point. In a fitness test conducted in 2007, he could only manage 12 pull-ups before reaching his limit. However, over the years, he dedicated countless hours to refining his technique and building his endurance. He attributes his success to the unwavering support of those around him, especially his wife.

Unprecedented Feat

Notably, there is currently no female record holder for the most consecutive pull-ups, with a minimum requirement of 371 for prospective female contenders. While various pull-up records exist with specified time limits, Kenta Adachi’s accomplishment stands as the ultimate test of endurance, as the clock continues ticking until the participant voluntarily decides to conclude their attempt.

The Rigorous Requirements

During the record attempt, participants must maintain a firm grip on the bar, and while they can dismount between sets for records with time limits, the consecutive pull-up record requires uninterrupted performance. Any instance of letting go of the bar or failing to execute a pull-up correctly results in the termination of the attempt.

Explore below more incredible pull-up records and witness some of the remarkable record holders in action over the years.

• Most pull ups in one minute – 74 by Hong Zhongtao (China)

• Most pull ups in one minute (female) – 39 by Inga Simning (USA)

• Most pull ups from a helicopter in one minute – 32 by Hamazasp Hloyan (Armenia)

• Most pull ups in three minutes – 112 by Wang Xincheng (China)

• Most pull ups in one hour (female) – 725 by Eva Clarke (Australia)

• Most pull ups in one hour (male) – 1,131 by Caine Eckstein (Australia)

• Most pull ups in eight hours (male) – 4,710 by Caine Eckstein (Australia)

• Most pull ups in 12 hours – 5,742 by Andre Shapiro (USA)

• Most pull ups in 12 hours (female) – 2,775 by Jessica Fresh (USA)

• Most pull ups in 24 hours (female) – 4,081 by Paula Gorlo (Poland)

• Most pull ups in 24 hours (male) – 8,008 by Jaxon Italiano (Australia)

Japanese Man Breaks Consecutive Pull-Up Record with Impressive 650+ Reps

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