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Sky Building in Shibuya Will Give 230m High Rooftop View of Tokyo’s Famous Crossing

To take the scenic area in Tokyo to the level of excess awesomeness, Under plans for Shibuya’s redevelopment, various construction projects are taking place around the train station, including the Shibuya Sky Building.

The tourist and youth heavy area is known for the iconic Shibuya Scramble (the crossing shown on literally any documentary about Japan) and the statue of Hachiko, the famously faithful canine who waited at the station for years after his owner’s death.

The area has become synonymous with these tourist magnets, as well as fashion and youth culture. Checkout the instagram post here !!!

Despite its popularity, parts of Shibuya do look rundown, and city officials thought it was high time for a redevelopment project in time for Tokyo 2020. The slightly shoddier-looking parts of Shibuya arguably added to the charm, and raising everything to the ground to erect shiny modern buildings may not please everyone.

Whatever you may think about it, the project is well underway. The ‘Shibuya Stream’ just opened recently, a restaurant and cafe complex with a stream running through, and various event spaces.The Shibuya Sky building has been announced to open autumn next year. The 230m high, 47 storey skyscraper will offer a 360 degree view of surroundings from the rooftop, and become the tallest building in Shibuya.

It will offer a whole new perspective on the bustling Shibuya crossing, and in the distance, visitors will be able to see Tokyo icons like the Skytree, and even as far as Mount Fuji.

Since we already have Tokyo Tower, Skytree, Tokyo Government Building and many more, some may think the last thing Tokyo needs is another tall building with a viewing spot overlooking the city. But for others, seeing the sprawling metropolis stretching out before them will never get old.

Sky Building in Shibuya Will Give 230m High Rooftop View of Tokyo’s Famous Crossing

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