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Why are there no fat people in Japan?

Why Is the Obesity Rate So Low in Japan?


Japan is a place that stands out for its health, we rarely meet obese Japanese, and their diet is rich in carbohydrates, but did you know they have a 15% less chance of dying? This is explained by researchers from the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo. And it is that they have many points in their favor because they consume a lot of fresh vegetables, eat almost no fat and prefer seafood and fish over red meat.

In addition, the Japanese love to walk an average of 7 thousand steps a day and prefer to use the bicycle as a means of transport, both excellent exercises to avoid accumulating extra kilos; As well this, other habits also make them an example to follow. Take note!

10.- They do not eat until they are full

According to the newspaper La Vanguardia, some Japanese have the concept “Hara Hachi bu,” which translates into English as “belly to 80%”. This concept means that it is unnecessary to eat until you are full because, for the Japanese, that 20% emptiness that remains in the stomach helps to digest food quickly. “If you fill up, your organs wear out more; you get heavy, you have trouble digesting. That is what according to them in the West causes problems of diabetes, obesity, liver problems…” etc. This was recounted by Marcos Cartagena, CEO, and co-founder of the travel agency Discovering Japan, who has also been studying the culture and customs of that country for more than 16 years.

9.- Your diet

The key to the Japanese diet is what they eat and how they cook it since most of their food is prepared on the grill, boiled, or steamed. That is, these methods allow the preservation of the most significant amount of vitamins and minerals.

Even though they eat a diet rich in carbohydrates, their fat consumption is very little. Therefore, their dishes are rich in grains, fish, meat, and they never abuse dairy and fruits, so their diet is also low in sugar. Likewise, they avoid eating on the street, preferring something homemade rather than being tempted to buy junk food.

8.- No snack

The Japanese are very attached to their rules, and since they are little, they are forbidden to bring any sugary drink to school; they mainly consume water. So if, for some reason, they do not eat breakfast, they will have to wait for lunch to try a bite, not to mention that they are not allowed candy, cookies, or any other food to satisfy their hunger.

Hence, they usually only eat three balanced meals a day, and the idea of ​​being tempted by a craving between meals is not allowed. Although some do have a snack, they are tiny and healthy portions.

7.- Healthy fast food

Japanese culture is known for putting work as one of its priorities, but despite their long hours, they always take time to rest and maintain healthy eating habits, but if they don’t have time to cook at home, they turn to food. Fast.

However, their dishes have nothing to do with refined flours, fatty foods, and much less fried foods. On the contrary, these are fresh and natural foods, which certain local chains handle, and they are always a great option to avoid consuming excess calories. And of course, although there are also junk food places like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, or Dominos Pizza in this country, most Japanese do not consume this regularly.

6.- They respect times

Japanese cuisine is highly respected; it is highly traditional because everyone follows the same eating hours regardless of age. Usually, breakfast is made between 8 am, and 9 am, while lunch is around 12 pm and 1 pm, a time in which most companies give free time and finally have dinner between 6 pm and 8 pm.

This means that the Japanese think their meals meticulously, to have them ready at the exact time, so they do not have much time to eat other types of food, they are very aware of the damage that this causes to their health.

5.- Long walks

Japanese children are admired worldwide, as they stand out for their discipline, perseverance, and control under any circumstance. In addition, physical activity is instilled in them from a very young age, so they are used to intense routines and long walks, one of the main reasons they maintain a healthy weight.

In the streets of Japan, it is very typical to see children leaving school and returning home walking or cycling. Still, these practices are maintained until adulthood, this allows them to burn calories naturally, have healthy lungs and keep the heart in good condition, also speeding up your metabolism.

4.- Small portions

Another good point for the Japanese is that they consume small portions; It is very common to see that each member of the family receives varied dishes at mealtime, up to 5 different foods but in small plates, to obtain all the macro and micro nutrients necessary to stay healthy.

Not to mention that most eat with chopsticks, so they do it more slowly than the rest of the world, chewing each food slowly allows for better digestion, since the brain receives the order of satiety. This was explained by Marta Vallejo, a specialist in Nutrition and Dietetics at Clínica Opción Médica, in an interview for the magazine Hello!

3.- Green tea

Green tea is known for its amazing properties and has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine, according to the Healthline site, drinking green tea every day helps reduce inflammation, reduces the risk of heart disease and helps To have less mental deterioration, we now understand why the Japanese are 15% less likely to die, since they drink it at least once a day.

Also, green tea helps prevent diabetes and regulates blood sugar levels. For the Japanese it is a natural antioxidant that keeps them away from soft drinks or other harmful beverages. In other words, green tea makes you lose weight and accelerate your metabolism.

2.- No distractions

Most of us take accelerated life as a pretext, we do not want to waste time, we work and eat in front of the television, without realizing that we expose ourselves to terrible consequences that put our health at risk, as studies assure that this practice leads to consume more fat and sugars, since your attention is not on food.

For the Japanese, mealtime is a sacred moment, they respect and enjoy meticulously, they like to savor and, not having any distraction, this makes them more aware and even grateful with food.

1.- Balanced breakfast

We all know the importance of breakfast in the human diet, although few of us do it in a balanced way, but for the Japanese it has to be a feast in honor of the food triangle, so you can not miss rice, seaweed, teas, egg, fish, among other foods. That is, for them the consumption of breads, jams or cereals is not an option.

Japan is the country with the highest life expectancy in the world and the place where most people are over 100 years old. Much of this is due to their excellent eating habits, which we can certainly adapt to our lifestyle to improve our health. So now you know the secret of the Japanese to stay at their ideal weight. Well, what habits will you adopt to have a healthier life?


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