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People are putting facemasks on Japan’s Hachiko statue

Even faithful statued dogs apparently need to be protected from the Coronavirus, as a number of Japanese citizens have been caught putting facemasks on the iconic Hachiko Statue located at Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.

ICDYK, Hachiko was the faithful Akita doggo who waited for his master at the same Shibuya train station every day for nine years. He’s since become a worldwide icon and one of the goodest bois out there.

Since Hachiko’s 75th death anniversary celeb was cancelled last April 8, people have still been leaving flowers and little trinkets for the statue, but unmistakable facemask have also been popping up whenever people pass by.

Despite it being an adorably apt sight, Shibuya officials have been requesting people to refrain from blocking the doggo’s face. Though we guess the sight just looks too adorb for some, as Hachiko is still continuously spotted donning a facemask to this day.

While Shibuya’s Hachiko still isn’t allowed a facemask, a different station in Japan’s Akita Prefuncture have eventually given their statued Hachiko an official facemask of his own.
The idea was approved by the city government and Odate tourist association, as the mask was even hand-sewn specifically to fit the dog’s snout.
Article Source: wethePublic

People are putting facemasks on Japan’s Hachiko statue

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