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Sky Building in Shibuya Will Give 230m High Rooftop View of Tokyo’s Famous Crossing

To take the scenic area in Tokyo to the level of excess awesomeness, Under plans for Shibuya’s redevelopment, various construction projects are taking place around the train station, including the Shibuya Sky Building. The tourist and youth heavy area is known for the iconic Shibuya Scramble (the crossing shown on literally any documentary about Japan) […]

18 Things Not to Do in Japan

Before you travel to Japan, it pays to brush up on some cultural differences to avoid offending local sensibilities. Manners and social rules are not universal, and it’s easy to commit a gaffe if you’re not aware of their customs and conventions. The Japanese are relatively reserved and polite, so you probably won’t even realize […]

Microsoft Japan Made a 4 Day Workweek Experiment, Noticed 40% Increased in Productivity

This August, Microsoft Japan took on an experiment, called the “Work-Life Choice Challenge Summer 2019” in which they trialed the 4-day work week for their entire workforce. Around 2300 employees were given five Fridays off with no reduction in salary and no days taken off of their annual leave. Naturally, the experiment proved to be […]

9 Years Japanese Boy Becomes Youngest To Pass University Level Maths Exam

A 9-year-old boy in the Kansai region set a record by becoming the youngest student to pass a university-level mathematics test, the test organizer said Tuesday. Shogo Ando, a fourth grader in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, passed Suken’s top-level 1st Kyu test, held in October by the Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan. Ando beat the previous […]

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