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Flush Toilet via Your Phone : Toto Introduces New Toilet Feature

Concerned About Unsanitary Restrooms? Toto’s Smartphone-Controlled Washlet Offers a Hygienic Solution.

Toto Ltd. has introduced an innovative addition to their Washlet lineup, designed to ease concerns about restroom hygiene, especially in unfamiliar locations. This new Washlet model, unveiled in August, allows users to control the bidet feature through their smartphones, reducing the need to touch potentially unclean surfaces.

The development of this product was spurred by the increased demand for contact-free solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, catering to those who prefer not to touch buttons or surfaces that others may have used.

The latest offering from Toto’s Washlet Apricot P series includes automatic toilet lid opening, bidet and bowl cleaning functions, and even a discreet flushing sound feature to mask any embarrassing noises. All of these functions can be easily accessed and controlled via a smartphone.

To use this convenient feature, users simply need to download Toto’s dedicated app and scan a QR code located near the toilet bowl’s remote control to establish a connection.

Toto’s representatives have indicated that this model is particularly suitable for smaller establishments like restaurants and clinics. They recommend taking advantage of this smartphone-based option at places you frequent, such as beauty salons and stores, despite the initial download step.

Toto’s decision to develop this technology was informed by a survey of 150 individuals aged from their 20s to 60s, which revealed that 65 percent of respondents expressed a desire for restroom amenities with sensor-equipped toilet lids that open and close without physical contact, especially in dining establishments with other automated conveniences.

Flush Toilet via Your Phone : Toto Introduces New Toilet Feature

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