Young Japanese are drinking less. And government is worried about it

The National Tax Agency (NTA) has a problem with young Japanese people today: they are simply not drinking enough alcohol anymore.

According to an independent study, about half of young adults in Japan do not – I repeat, NO – even drink daily.


This is an issue that NTA is looking to fix. But how do you attract young people to the mind-altering effects of drinking? Or attracting to something that everyone knows that excess can put their own lives at risk as well as others?

Check here the measures that NTA, an entity of the Japanese government, is taking to get young Japanese to drink daily again.


Japanese youth and drinking

Some people might consider young people not drinking too much to be a good thing. After all, this results in healthier, more productive people who are less likely to run around screaming or even throwing up on them. But these are all matters handled by other government agencies. NTA deals with obtaining these taxes, of which sales of alcoholic products are a key source.

However, “Drink more so we can get your money!” is not a great promotional slogan, so NTA opened up marketing ideas to the general public in their Sake Viva! contest. Until September 9, anyone between the ages of 20 and 39 can participate alone or in groups of two or three to create new sales strategies that appeal to young adults. Anything is open for consideration, but the NTA mentioned that they expect an emphasis on drinking at home and utilizing the metaverse for sales among ideas.

The finalists will move on to the next round on November 10th and the highest-rated idea will be implemented by the NTA in the near future. It’s a great opportunity for an aspiring marketing expert, but news readers remain quite skeptical about alcohol safety and the NTA’s motives.


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The internet reaction to the government’s attempt to increase the consumption of alcohol by young Japanese

“They are probably also losing tax revenue from the drop in cigarette sales. Maybe they should raise taxes on alcohol too.”

“How many crimes are the result of alcohol?”

“No one can afford to drink. Work on it first.”


“This is stupid.”

“Are they trying to make alcoholics? Just let the old people drink and then pay in full for the illnesses they themselves cause as a result.”

“Not drinking is good. What are they talking about?”

“If they want us to drink, give people more free time and income to spend. It’s pretty easy.”

From these comments we can see that younger people today just can’t be bothered to ingest something that makes you feel great for a few hours, then really terrible the next day.

Source: Sora News.

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