Why is the Tokyo government ordering Japanese people to wear turtlenecks?

Winter in Japan is extremely harsh. And that makes people have to spend more energy to heat their homes.

However, this could lead to a breakdown in electricity supplies. And with the capital Tokyo being extremely populous, every winter there is concern that the city will not be able to supply everyone with energy. The fear is also that, due to the high use of energy in homes, some basic services, such as transport and even hospitals, will end up being affected by a lack of electricity.


Also, energy in Japan is expensive. Soon, it can be a very high expense for many families this winter.

In this way, the Tokyo government has already shown concern and has begun to take measures for its residents to save energy.


And one of the guidelines is quite simple: if you are cold, wear turtleneck blouses.

Check here more about this curious statement by the Tokyo government.

Japanese government and the harsh winter

Think of yourself in the Japanese winter facing sub-zero temperatures and still snow. Well, imagine trying to stay warm while at the same time trying to reduce your energy bills this winter. A complicated task to say the least. But not so much for Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. According to her, if you are cold, just wear a turtleneck blouse.


The governor, wearing a jacket underneath, encouraged residents to wear turtleneck sweaters to stay warm and as a way to reduce energy consumption.

“Warming the neck has a thermic effect. I’m wearing a turtleneck and a scarf keeps you warm too. It will save electricity,” Koike told reporters.

“This is one of the tools to get through the harsh winter energy climate together,” she said, adding that French President Emmanuel Macron was “taking the lead in wearing turtlenecks”.


Japan has long conducted an annual “cool business” campaign, in which a casual dress code is encouraged in offices to conserve energy during the country’s sweltering summers. Thus, this is not the first time that clothing has entered the discussion.

However, the Tokyo Governor’s statement was at the very least unusual and may even be seen by many people as somewhat rude.

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The Japanese government and electric power

Electric power is a problem in Japan. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida called in August 2022 for an effort to revive the country’s nuclear power industry in a bid to tackle rising costs of imported energy.

But such a move would likely be controversial after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, triggered by a massive tsunami, which led to the shutdown of many reactors over safety fears. Thus, due to the disaster with nuclear energy, the country is still trying to find other possibilities to have energy.

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