Why do the Japanese scratch the country’s flag?

You may have noticed that during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Japan’s players displayed the Japanese flag with some scratches.

But why would they do this? Couldn’t that even be considered a crime? After all, they are writing on top of the flag, which is a national symbol.


It’s actually not a crime and it says a lot about Japan’s culture.

Find out here where this tradition comes from and the reasons why the Japanese write on flags.


The Japanese flag with squiggles?

The Japanese flag with these squiggles is called a lucky flag. And, in fact, these are not doodles, but messages.

This message flag is known in Japanese as yosegaki hinomaru🇧🇷 Is it over there It was a traditional gift for military Japanese during the military campaigns of the Empire of Japan. This period in Japan marks practically the entire beginning of the 20th century, having its final phase during World War II, when the flag was also widely used.

However, nowadays it is no longer a flag given to someone who goes to war. Currently, these flags, the hinomaru are used for occasions like charity and sporting events. As much as they have a bloody past, today they are used to inspire sportsmen to give their best.


We can say that they worked for the Japanese players of the men’s soccer team in the 2022 World Cup.

The name ‘hinomaru’ refers to the flag of Japan itself, as that is also one of its names. Hinomarucan be translated as “circular sun”, which is the image on the flag.

According to Wikipedia data, when the yosegaki hinomaru were signed by friends and relatives, the text Writing on the flag was usually written in a vertical formation radiating from the central red circle, resembling the rays of the sun. This appearance is referenced in the term ‘yosegaki’ (lit., “collection of writing”), which means that the term ‘yosegaki hinomaru’ could be interpreted as a “collection of writing around the red sun”, describing the appearance of the text radiating out from the circle in the center of the flag


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The Japanese lucky flag during World War II

It was common during World War II for soldiers to carry these flags. Normally, his family members would leave their wishes there for him to achieve victory for the country and also for him to return home safely.

As is known, this is not what happened to many of them. Today, many of these flags are lost around the world. Because, with the defeat of Japan, the US soldiers, mainly, took these flags and took them to their homes.

That is, the flags never returned to their places of origin. However, it is sometimes reported that some American families decided to return the flags to the soldiers’ relatives. To learn more about this subject, click here.

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