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New episodes of the Kingdom anime, starring Shin, Ryo Ten, and Ei Sei, will air this Spring. The next season will pick up where the previous ones left off by adapting the political drama-filled mini-arc “Conspiracy in the Court,” which will finally settle the power struggle between Ei Sei and Ryo Fui for the throne of the Qin Empire.

On April 9th, 2022, the new season premiered with a total of 12 episodes, all of which will be animated by the same team as Season 3. Studio Signpost’s Kenichi Imaizumi returns as the show’s director, with Noboru Takagi and Hisashi Abe providing screenplays and character designs, respectively. The soundtrack is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the many different anime that air in a given season. This Kingdom Season 4 Release Schedule was made to help you keep track of when the next episode will be available.

Kingdom Season 4 Episodes Release Date

Episode No. Release Date
Episode 1 April 9, 2022
Episode 2 April 16, 2022
Episode 3 April 23, 2022
Episode 4 April 30, 2022
Episode 5 May 7, 2022
Episode 6 May 14, 2022
Episode 7 May 21, 2022
Episode 8 May 28, 2022
Episode 9 June 4, 2022
Episode 10 June 11, 2022
Episode 11 June 18, 2022
Episode 12 June 25, 2022
Episode 13 July 2, 2022
Episode 14 July 9, 2022
Episode 15 July 16, 2022
Episode 16 July 23, 2022
Episode 17 July 30, 2022
Episode 18 August 6, 2022
Episode 19 August 13, 2022
Episode 20 August 20, 2022
Episode 21 August 27, 2022
Episode 22 September 3, 2022
Episode 23 September 10, 2022
Episode 24 September 17, 2022
Episode 25 September 24, 2022
Episode 26 October 1, 2022

What is going to happen in Kingdom 4?

The “Conspiracy in Court Arc,” which spans chapters 366 and 378, will be used in the upcoming new season. The arc’s culmination occurs as Ei Sei’s coming-of-age ritual approaches and he and Ryo Fui are locked in a struggle for political power and influence. In order to trick the king into going to war, Ryo Fui staged a small-scale invasion of Zhao territory.

Due to a dearth of experienced generals, Ryo Fui suggested the king take command of the defending army once again, as he had done before during the Battle of Sai. But prince Sei Kyou volunteered to take charge of the entire military operation. In the city of Tonryuu, Sei Kyou encountered the Zhao army and easily repelled it, only to be deceived by the governor of the city, Ho Kaku, and his own general, Ryuu, both of whom were working with Ryo Fui.

What is going to happen in Kingdom Season 4

The prince was locked up, and it was said that he had instigated another uprising in Tonryuu. King Ei Sei, who did not believe the rumors, sent a subjugation army led by a newly appointed general Heki along with Shin and his newly established 4000-man strong Hi Shin Unit and 1000-man Kyou Kai Unit, with a covert mission to save Sei Kyou.

Where can I stream Kingdom Season 4? Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Netflix?

TV watchers in Japan may see Kingdom Season 4 on NHK Premium and NHK General. Outside of Japan, viewers can watch the show with English subtitles on Crunchyroll in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Subtitles in English, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian are also included in the anime’s Bilibili TV streaming.

Depending on where you live, you can also catch the show on Aniplus Asia, Video, or Wakanim.

How many episodes is Kingdom Season 4?

Release dates for each episode of Kingdom Season 4 have been set for Saturday, 12:10 a.m. JST, commencing on April 9, 2022, and running all the way through October 1, 2022.

Kingdom Season 4 English Dub Release Date

While an English dub of the upcoming Kingdom Season 4 anime has not yet been confirmed, it seems likely that Crunchyroll, which is streaming the show and is well-known for its English dub productions and has begun work on the dub of Aharen-San, Spy X Family, will announce the project shortly after the premiere.

More on kingdom season 4

Yasuhisa Hara’s manga series of the same name inspired this anime adaptation. A fourth season was confirmed at the end of the season three finale and debuted on April 10, 2022. A lot of the original cast members came back to play their parts again. Suiren performs the opening theme, “Rei -ray-,” while Haku provides the closing theme, “Genyou (Dazzling). Zonji’s “geki” serves as the second opening theme, while Misaki’s “Believe” serves as the second closing theme.

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