When Is Ao Ashi Chapter 323 Coming Out And How To Watch It?

People who love sports like reading these popular sports manga series like haikyuu, Ace of Diamond, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Slam Dunk. Ao Ashi Sports manga series have a different readership. Ao Ashi is currently gaining a lot of popularity and entering the picture. Ao Ashi will be a great pick if you like watching sports manga series and are unsure about what to read next. Read our entire post until the end to learn more about Ao Ashi Chapter 323.

Ao Ashi Chapter 323 Release Date and Time

Ao Ashi’s chapter 322 was enjoyable, and after chapter 321, many fans eagerly anticipated chapter 323. However, because Ao Ashi doesn’t adhere to a strict release schedule, it is difficult to predict when the next chapter will be released. Fortunately, the release dates for the upcoming chapters have been announced.


And on January 3, 2023, fans can anticipate the release of Ao Ashi Chapter 323. Additionally, Ao Ashi chapter 323 will be accessible to all fans worldwide at 6:00 PM.

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM
  • Central Time: 10 AM
  • India Time: 8.30 PM
  • Japan Time: 12:00 AM

Reddit Ao Ashi Chapter 323 Prediction Spoiler

A young Japanese boy named Ashito Aoi from the tranquil village of Ehime harbors aspirations of playing soccer professionally in the future. He’s in his third year of middle school right now. His hopes of joining a high school with a reputable soccer team are dashed when he instigates an altercation during a match that is essential for his team, which leads to them losing and being eliminated from the competition. His chances of enrolling in a high school with a strong soccer team are also dashed by this.


One of the individuals who spotted him was Tatsuya Fukuda, a coach for the “J Youth League” who was visiting from Tokyo at the time. Despite this, he attracts the interest of a significant individual. Even though Ashito is still a little raw around the edges, Coach Fukuda asks him to participate in the auditions for his squad in Tokyo. This is owing to the extraordinary potential Ashito holds. The story of the young child who will transform Japanese football is beginning to take shape. What kind of results are we able to anticipate for Ashito?

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Ao Ashi Chapter 323 Spoiler Release Date

Ao Ashi Chapter 323 spoilers were not yet available when this article was written. These spoilers usually start to circulate online three to four days before the scheduled release date. They are discoverable on online forums like 4chan and Reddit. Therefore, we expect this week to be accessible on January 1, 2023.

Ao Ashi Chapter 323 Release Date

The Plot and Casting Ao Ashi Chapter 323

A young boy from the Japanese city of Ehime named Ashito Aoi aspires to play soccer professionally. He is currently enrolled in middle school for the third year.

When he provokes a fight during a crucial game, which leads to his team losing and being eliminated from the competition, his dreams of going to a high school with a competitive soccer team are destroyed. His plans to enroll in a high school with a competitive soccer squad are dashed by this.

Tatsuya Fukuda, a “J Youth League” coach, visiting from Tokyo at the time, was one of the people who saw him. Despite this, he catches the eye of a critical person.


Although Ashito is still immature, Coach Fukuda urges him to participate in his team’s Tokyo tryouts. This is owing to the extraordinary potential Ashito holds. The tale of a young player who will transform Japanese football is beginning to take shape. What outcomes are possible for Ashito?

Some well-known and skilled voice actors appear in this program, including Kiki Ohsuzu as Ashito Aoi, Tatsumaru Tachibana as Eisaku Ohtomo, Seiichir Yamashita as Sichir Tachibana, Taku Yashiro as Keiji Togashi, Shun Horie as Kanepi Kuroda, Wataru Kat as Jun Mathis Asari, Junya Enoki as Yma Motoki, and Kent.

Ao Ashi Chapter 322 Recap Summary

The Ao Ashi Chapter 322 spoiler is a particularly intriguing one. Finally, the mysterious figure watching Ao Ashi grow throughout the series shows himself as none other than her long-lost father, who had been gone for a while.

The government employed him. He had assumed a different identity to carry out a confidential inquiry into a mystery involving the island where Ao Ashi lives. He also reveals that he has access to “The Eye,” a powerful ability that allows him to see through anything, even other people and objects.

Ao Ashi’s mother is furious because she feels her daughter has been betrayed by her husband for choosing to keep this information from her. His ultimate objective, though, is to provide his daughter with the best prospects possible, and he is ready to help her in any way he can. In the following chapters, it will be interesting to see how this father-daughter connection evolves.

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Where Can You Officially Read Ao Ashi Chapter 323?

On their official website, readers can read the well-liked ongoing sports series, Ao Ashi. Additionally, all Ao Ashi volumes are always available on Amazon in print and Kindle editions.

The English translation of the Ao Ashi manga series is also available on Amazon. Please stay connected with us on Leedaily.com for more latest updates and news.

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