What’s in an Emergency Backpack in Japan?

An emergency backpack in Japan is essential for anyone. It can go a long way in saving lives in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake.

So it’s always advisable to have an evacuation bag prepared in case of an emergency evacuation in the country due to an earthquake, fire, tsunami, lifeline cut etc.


What items do you or your family need to survive while waiting to be rescued or for food to arrive if your home becomes uninhabitable?

Find out here how to prepare for possible incidents in Japan.


We’ll give you some general suggestions on what you might want to pack to prepare.

An emergency backpack in Japan could save lives

First of all, it should be noted that the choice of items for your emergency evacuation kit can change depending on your surroundings (city, countryside, mountains or ocean side).


The first thing you will need for your kit will be a schoolbag. The suggestion is that it should both be lightweight, waterproof and have lots of pockets that will help you organize your kit.

Bags with multiple compartments are good for organizing your supplies. For those with more supplies, a hiking backpack might be a better option.

One thing often overlooked when preparing an emergency kit, or packing a backpack in general, will be the distribution of the contents within your backpack. It is recommended to place the heaviest items near the back of the backpack (the part closest to you when you are using it). This will make the backpack easier to carry and put less strain on you as well.


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What is essential to have in an emergency backpack in Japan?

Pack enough clothes to have at least one complete change of clothes (socks, underwear, shirt, and pants).

Pack dry foods with a long shelf life, such as instant ramen, dehydrated foodfoods Canned or snacks (which also have a long shelf life).

Also, one of the most important items on that list is water. It is often said in an emergency survival situation that finding clean water first is of utmost importance.

For your emergency bag, it is recommended that you have up to 1 gallon of clean drinking water per person. If there is more than one person you need to prepare for, you may need more than one bag due to the space required.

Other important items are the tools. Suggested minimum tools would be a multi-tool (switchblade Swiss), work gloves , a lighter , Scotch tape and a flashlight (powered by solar power or hand crank). Another very important item is the whistlewhich you can use to alert others to your location or draw attention to yourself if you become injured and cannot move.

These days, having a loader for the phone is very important. Packing extra cables and a solar charger or power bank will make it easier to contact and get emergency help.

And also don’t forget to have a first aid kit and an emergency kit, the same ones that are already sold in markets. And be sure to pack some masks in your backpack.

In the case of an emergency there can be a bit of confusion and there may also be times when you need identification. It is highly recommended to prepare copies of all your important documents (passport, gaijin card, my number, proof of residency, etc.) Store these documents in a ziplock bag or other type of waterproof container.

It is very likely that you will not be able to access your accounts at an ATM or other location during an emergency. It is highly recommended that you have emergency cash prepared as well. The recommended amount varies greatly depending on the person, but anything between at least 10,000 to 100,000 yen should be adequate.

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