What would Pikachu look like in 1920s Japan? Check out the photos made with AI

Japan in the 1920s was characterized by a real revolution in both customs and industry. It was a time when the country opened up to the West and many new ideas arrived as well as modernizations.

But what if Pikachu were there?


With the use of Artificial Intelligence it was possible to design this. It’s like Pikachu uses some super effective time travel powers.

Check out more about how the images were made here.


1920s Japan with Pikachu in the streets

Pikachu is one of the most popular characters in Japanese entertainment media and hasn’t had a long and arduous climb to the top. Since the start of the Pokémon franchise, the Electric-type has been greeted with universal cries of “Kawaii!”, and it’s become so ubiquitous that it’s hard to remember a time when it wasn’t everywhere in Japan.

Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t look at all out of place in these images of “Pikachu in Tokyo in the 1920s” that were recently posted by Japanese Twitter user Apura (@_ai_drawing).


The Pokémon franchise launched in 1996 (yes, it’s been that long!). So how did Twitter user Apura manage to get footage of the franchise’s mascot in 1920s Japan?

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How were 1920’s photos of Japan with Pikachu made?

With AI imaging apps Stable Diffusion and Dream Studio.

The results are surprisingly convincing. Of course, the Pikachu in the images might not look exactly like what we have in the real world today. As art trends change over time, continually popular characters have their designs updated periodically.

Looking at the Pikachus in Apura’s images, it’s not hard to imagine that they could have been Pikachu’s starting point, and that a hundred years of incremental revisions is what led to Pikachu’s current look.

Even some of the images in which Pikachu look distinctly out of the box have an air of pseudo-authenticity about them, almost as if they are snapshots of a time when the Pokémon Company was still a fledgling media company and didn’t yet have the standards. rigid of how their characters were. The images are so well done that it looks like the anime was still developing to get to the model as we know it.

In addition to the fun of seeing these images, this is an incredible example of the use of Artificial Intelligence for image generation. So it’s amazing how this technology has evolved and how it is evolving. It really looks like Pikachu has gained time travel powers.

It could certainly be done with other Pokémon to see what they would be like walking the streets of ancient Japan and doing their amazing adventures.

Source: Sora News.

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