What is it like to spend the night in a Pokémon hotel room in Japan?

The Pokémon theme in Japan has been a rage for years. Probably, many people, when they think about the country, remember these adorable little animals that live in little balls and are ready to be trained and duel in battles with their incredible powers.

Pokémon is so successful in the country that there is even a themed hotel room that you can spend one or several nights in.


So Japanese pop culture website Sora News decided to see what it’s like to spend a night there. A Pokemon-loving reporter and his 6-year-old daughter went to sleep there.

Check out their impressions here.


A quarter of Pokemon in Japan

The Pokémon Hotel is commonly called that in Japan by its fans. However, it’s actually more of a themed room within seven of Apartment Hotel Mimaru’s 21 branches, which have locations in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Pokémon rooms are only available as rooms for four and six people, so the Sora News reporter booked a quad room, which cost just over 30,000 yen (approximately R$1,100.00) a night. This was on a weeknight, and with a special “summer discount” applied, so we can conclude that renting a Pokémon room certainly doesn’t come cheap. But for many fans, the memory of spending a night in a room like this is priceless. And since we’re talking about those who love these pets, it’s worth saving.

Would it be good enough to impress the reporter’s daughter, though? After all, kids don’t have a filter, so she could have a vision that the room itself wasn’t worth it.

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Apartment Hotel Mimaru is known for its convenient rooms equipped with kitchenettes, making them great for long-term stays, but this particular room felt cozier than the others, with so many Pokémon close by to keep you company!


The table and cutlery are also decorated in a Poké Ball design, so you can enjoy in-room dining instead of eating out.

The reporter’s daughter’s eyes were as big as the saucer when she saw the table and the silverware, but what really filled her with joy was all the character art around the room, much of which was deftly placed near the level of the characters. eyes. And the Snorlax in the room really caught my attention.

However, the bathroom left a little to be desired, as the decor is not very present there.

Also, the room with bunk beds is not very well decorated either. Parents staying in the room with their kids will likely find themselves sleeping on the bunks while the kids stay in the big bed, as there were absolutely no Pokémon in this area.

See the full recording of the room here.

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