What is it like to marry a Japanese

Marrying a Japanese person can be a dream for many people.

However, as with any wedding, not everything is rosy. In addition, there are cultural barriers that can cause confusion within the couple.


Also, you have to understand that Japanese people who work in a company have a strong work ethic. In other words, they have a culture in which they pay a lot of attention to their work and are always concerned about meeting deadlines and all other tasks that fall to them, even though this may seem impossible at times.

So, here’s a little more about what it’s like to marry an employee in Japan from the reports published on the website Savy Tokyo and written by Sharon Alphonso.


What is it like to marry a Japanese man?

Here we will show you a little bit of what marriage to a Japanese salaryman is like. Usually this term is used to refer to those who are working in companies and, to a certain extent, have stability and want to make their careers and stand out to their bosses.

It is also worth remembering that Japanese society is extremely hierarchical, which makes those at the bottom of this hierarchy always highly respect those at the highest rank.

Company loyalty is highly appreciated and encouraged in Japan. The longer employees stay in the office, the more workers are perceived by the company. Some won’t leave the office until their manager is done for the day as well. While this quality is admirable from a corporate perspective, it can negatively impact personal life outside of work. Without a proper work-life balance, it becomes very difficult to meet the emotional needs of others.


Therefore, there is less time available for the couple.

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The drunken nights when marrying a Japanese

name (drinking parties) are an essential part of the work culture in Japan. These drinking meetings allow employees to vent and bond with their co-workers.

Coming home late and intoxicated can be problematic for your relationship if you don’t have the culture. name in your country. Sometimes you can’t entirely blame your Japanese partner for attending these meetings. Depending on their position in office, they may not be in a position to opt out of these drinking parties. If they do, it can damage their relationships at work.


Is work more important when marrying a Japanese person?

Work will always play a significant role in any relationship, the best you can do for each other is to be kind and supportive. Make sure you get to know each other and the cultural backgrounds you are from before settling down. If you get the chance to live with them before the wedding, take it. This experience can give you an idea of ​​what married life with them would be like.

Source: Savy Tokyo

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