What do Japanese people eat at Christmas? How about a Japanese supper?

Have you ever stopped to think about what Japanese people eat at Christmas? After all, Japan is not a predominantly Christian country and the introduction of Christmas in the country dates back to contact with Westerners.

In this way, is it very different from what is eaten in the so-called West? Or rather, is it very different from what you are used to eating with your family?


Check it out here and see if you would have the courage to change your dinner for a Japanese one.

What do the Japanese eat for Christmas?!

First of all, how is Christmas in Japan?


Christmas was first celebrated in 1552, 3 years after Christianity arrived in Japan. Christianity arrived in the country through the Portuguese.

However, despite having arrived in the sixteenth century, Christmas was banned in 1612 along with the entire religion of Christianity by the government of the time. And not only that, Christianity was the target of persecution and violence.

In 1873, the Japanese government allowed people to revert to religion, and Christianity returned. Still, there weren’t many Christians around, and Christmas was celebrated slightly differently compared to the western world. But that ended up changing due to transformations arising from market openings in the country.


Thus, companies saw the opportunity to increase their sales at Christmas time. Already in the second half of the 20th century, shopping malls and retailers began to decorate like in the western world and people began to give gifts. During the first Japanese Christmas celebrations, it was common to give toothpaste as a gift.

Today, Christmas in Japan is more common for couples to spend romantic time together and not as much for family as in western culture. This is because the celebration of the new year is the time to spend with the family. However, small gifts are exchanged and people eat KFC. Yes… KFC is the national Christmas dinner in Japan!

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Without much secret, Japanese eat KFC dishes, cake and pizza at Christmas!

We can say that at Christmas in Japan the big company that should earn a lot is KFC.


As it is difficult to get turkey in Japan, chicken is eaten on Christmas Day. ?? KFC started selling chicken for Christmas in the 1970s. For this reason, many people cook a chicken dish for Christmas, such as kara-age, teriyaki chicken or fried chicken.

Another very common dish at this time of year are cakes. the layer cake with strawberries on top is usually served after Christmas dinner. A bakery called Fujiya started selling Christmas decoration cakes in 1910 and it became common for Japanese people to buy Christmas cakes.

These cakes are really beautiful and delicious. And it catches everyone’s attention.

Some also refer to eating pizza. Something that, in some countries, is something unimaginable.

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