Website discovered in Japan that hires thieves to rob houses

A murder in Tokyo led to the discovery of a website in Japan that hires thieves to break into homes.


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The murder of a woman by hired thieves at a site in Japan

Police investigating the murder of a 90-year-old woman at her home in Komae, Tokyo, in the week of January 16, 2023, said information on mobile phones confiscated from suspects in two burglaries in Tokyo’s Nakano Ward and the Chiba Prefecture have listed Komae’s house as a target for a “job”.

Kinuyo Oshio was found dead by police and her family members in the basement of the three-story home at around 5:20 pm last Thursday, Kyodo News reported. Her wrists were tied with a zipper and she was beaten over the head and broke her kneecap.


Oshio lived with his son, his wife and their two adult children. The four of them left the house around 8am to go to work, leaving Oshio home alone. Police said the first and second floors and basement of the house were looted.

Police believe that Oshio’s murder may have been carried out by the same gang responsible for at least 10 home burglaries and jewelry store robberies in various prefectures in the Kanto region, as well as Hiroshima and Yamaguchi prefectures since November 2022.

Police said surveillance camera footage from the street showed several people in the vicinity of Oshio’s home during the day of the murder. Two rental cars were seen parked near the house two days before the murder. In addition, fingerprints and unidentified footprints were found in the basement of the house.


Early Thursday afternoon, police in Chofu, Tokyo, received a call from Chiba police saying that a message on the smartphone of a man arrested on January 12 for a robbery in Oamishirasato, Chiba Prefecture indicated that Oshio’s house was undergoing work. The smartphone belonged to a 20-year-old Self-Defense Force member from Mie Prefecture.

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Online recruitment in Japan

NHK reported on Sunday that gang members are believed to have been recruited on an Instagram website. The cellphone of Rikuto Nagata, 21, who was arrested for a house robbery in Nakano in which six men stole 30 million yen, also listed several addresses in Adachi Ward, including a residence that was burglarized.

Another message contained the words “Komae City” with a comment: “I will be in touch as soon as there is a vacancy.”


Police said they were questioning Nagato, who is from Kanazawa, in Ishikawa Prefecture, to try to find out the name of the leader who is recruiting gang members online. He was quoted by police as saying that the gang members did not know each other prior to the theft.

In addition to Nagato, another suspect in the Nakano case was arrested – a 30-year-old man. Another man was arrested on suspicion of robbing a jewelry store in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. He also told police that he was recruited online and given instructions on what to do.

Police said the growing series of robberies was becoming more violent. At first, elderly victims in their homes were tied up, but in more recent cases, victims were beaten with hammers and other sharp objects to force them to hand over money and valuables.

Source: Japan Today.

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