Turn Anything into Cat With This Japan’s Cat Mold

If there’s one thing the Internet has taught us, it’s that you can improve anything by putting a cute cat to it. Having a bad day at work? Go watch some cat videos or browse through endless cat-related memes. Having a tummy ache? Cuddle up with your fluff buddy and let it purr the pain away from you. Feeling grumpy for no reason at all? Watch it chase a plush mouse all around the house and feel yourself instantly filled with joy. How else could it be when they are so adorably dorky, cute, and superb at anything from hunting to cheering you up. But there’s one thing they excel at, and it’s definitely sleeping. Having that in mind, one design company created a simple yet genius tool to turn your life into a real adorable cat paradise.

If you ever thought something could be better than an adorable kitten rolling around in the sun, this cat-like mold made by a Japanese design company, Ash Koncent, will surely melt your heart and prove you wrong.


Not only does it turn anything, from sand to everyday objects like food, into cute little sleeping kitties, it also can be placed anywhere around the house as a life-like room decoration. Be careful not to mistake it for your real pet, though!

The company is calling the cat figurine mold ‘Neko Cup’ (Neko is Japanese for cat), and it’s basically a cat-shaped structure made from bamboo and scallop shell biomass plastic.


And it’s just perfect for any cat lover to turn a sandy beach, their backyard, or anything else that can come into a human mind to cat-like heaven. Doesn’t it just sound perfect?

Yuka Mori, the artist behind this brilliant sand toy idea admitted she came up with this charming design by merely spotting cats sleepily rolling around the sidewalk and wanted to capture the spirit they embody with this relaxed, trusting, and somewhat hopeful behavior.

Can you imagine anything better than having such a simple pretty thing that provides you with an infinite number of cute kittens wherever you are? Sounds like a cat lover’s dream come true!

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