Top cosplayer Enako’s first cover and intro photo spread in Weekly Shōnen Champion

In Japan, there are a few top tier cosplayers who have gained a level of fame and popularity beyond the cosplay community. Enako can certainly be counted among them. As we reported in grape Japan, four years ago, she shocked viewers when she revealed on TV that she earned the equivalent of a million USD for her basic monthly income, and commanded up to nearly 4,000 USD for a single appearance.

When she shows up at cosplay events, telephoto lens are de rigueur since the fans trying to capture her image are so numerous that they are only able to take photos from a great distance, as you can see below when she cosplayed Rem from Re:Zero Sarting Life in Another World at last summer’s Comic Market 96:
Recently, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, she has been enjoying 宅コス takucos (literally, “home cosplay”) as she self-isolates. For example, here she is cosplaying Nezuko from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba:


First cover and intro photo spread in Weekly Shōnen Champion
Although she has appeared before in Weekly Shōnen Champion, this year’s issue 33, which came out today, July 16th, 2020, marks the first time for the 26-year-old professional cosplayer to appear not only on its cover but also in its intro photo spread.
The intro photo spread is extensive, at 13 pages, and not only features gravure-style (glamour photography) of the popular cosplayer in a swimsuit, as you can see below…

…but also collaboration cosplay with manga works currently serialized in the magazine. You’ll have to buy Weekly Shōnen Champion No. 33 to see them for yourself (since the press release didn’t provide them), but the two works are:


『メイカさんは押しころせない』 Meika-san was oshikorosenai (The maid who can’t hide her feelings), a manga adapted from a Pixiv comic series by Sato Shouki about Reika, a maid who can’t hide her feelings for her master, Kouta.

『声がだせない少女は「彼女が優しすぎる」と思っている』Koe ga dasenai kanojo wa ‘kanojo ga yasashisugiru’ to omotteiru (The girl who can’t speak thinks ‘she is too kind’), a manga by Yamura Ichi about a mute transfer girl who uses a sketchbook to talk to people, and a bullish classmate with a special ability who befriends her.

The issue also comes with a double-page BIG poster as a supplement, and all readers who apply will receive a QUO prepaid card.
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