Tinder in Japan opens a convenience store to spread love

The SwipeMart is a convenience store run by the dating app Tinder in Japan.

Currently, this convenience store has fulfilled romantic dreams and now there is hope that it will spread across the country.


Japanese convenience stores are a much-loved part of everyday life in Japan, where you can get pretty much anything your heart desires anytime, day or night. You can buy everything you need, it may not be as expensive as going to a big market, but the prices are not abusive either. In addition, there are always exclusive products in each store depending on which chain it belongs to.

But now, these convenience stores have an extra charm with SwipeMart, see more here.


Tinder in Japan and the convenience store

A new convenience store has popped up in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, offering something others don’t usually have in store: love and romance.

Called SwipeMart, the convenience store was run by the dating app Tinder, and while it was only open from September 16-19, 2022, it was such a resounding success that there are hopes of new convenience stores like this one opening in more locations. in the future. Maybe they don’t even open outside of Japan, right?

Aimed at audiences 18+, the convenience store had great freebies for Tinder members, ranging from a choice of jocks, socks, or a long-sleeved T-shirt. Only these giveaways are great for success!


Tinder members also received some original food and drinks, such as fries, alcoholic sours, ramen, and a “Tinder Chiki” — inspired by the Family Mart’s Famichiki — that came in a two-pack to share with your perfect match.

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To learn more about what this Tinder convenience store is like in Japan, check out the promotional video below (in Japanese):


Dubbed the “Tinder Youth Convenience Store,” there was no age requirement to enter before 10pm, but people in school uniform were barred from entering at all times.

After 10pm, SwipeMart became an 18+ only zone.

People were asked to download the Tinder app before visiting the convenience store so they could take advantage of all the free offers and snap a picture for their Tinder profile in this stunning photo wall.

SwipeMart has captured all the fun of youth culture in a convenience store setting, with the tantalizing possibility that a match could occur at any time, leading you to the romance of your dreams.

While it’s a shame that SwipeMart was only open in Shibuya for a limited time, judging by the lines outside before it opened and the buzz it created online, there could be another SwipeMart in the future.

Source: Sora News.

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