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This Ramen Face Mask Wil Fog Up Your Glasses. Enjoy The Noodle Steam!

If you can’t stop your spectacles from fogging up, you might as well make art with them.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect countries around the globe, sensible individuals are opting to stay indoors as much as possible and cover their faces with masks when heading outdoors.

There’s nothing in the social rulebook to say your mask has to be sensible, though. In fact, all this extra time at home has allowed some people to come up with crafty alternatives to the plain white face mask, and Twitter user Takahiro Shibata (@iine_piroshiki) is one of them.
Shibata has wowed us before with his skills in the kitchen, whipping up a sponge cake that looks like a dish sponge, and now he’s taking his love of food to the world of face masks, with the brilliant Ramen Mask.


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