things you can only find in japan

For sure, caviar pudding is something you can only find in Japan. After all, who thought of mixing fish roe together with a milk and caramel-based dessert?

However, if you are a person who likes to try new flavors and also likes to take risks, you are at least wondering if it is good or what this unimaginable mixture tastes like.


So, we will present you this invention here and what the people of the Sora News website thought of this mixture.

Things you can only find in Japan… the caviar pudding


First of all, it is worth mentioning that the pudding in Japan is a little different from what is made in Brazil. Even because, in Brazil, condensed milk is used to make this recipe, however, it is not easy to find there.

Japanese pudding, or purin, as it’s called, it’s made from a base of sweet cream and topped with caramel sauce. Certainly just like Brazilian pudding your reaction after such one is a smile on your face as the flavor lingers on your taste buds.

But baker Maison de Purin, based in Hyogo Prefecture, is making some very unusual types of purin.


The flavors are: purin of caviar and purin of truffle.

They come in fancy containers suitable for these gourmet ingredients. As soon as the lid is open, the caviar is on the side, sprinkled over a layer of white chocolates in the shape of macaroni pieces.

Although it’s called Caviar Purin, white chocolate had the strongest presence according to Sora News reporters. Underneath that initial sweetness, though, the saltiness of the caviar is waiting, and there are also some sour notes from the sour cream base that sits underneath the cream.


It is much more complex than the sweet, comfortable familiarity of purin common, but the combination of flavors and textures (the caviar adds a little stimulating grain) works surprisingly well. It’s an interesting and unexpectedly viable dessert, according to one of the site’s reporters.

Then the Truffle Purin. To clarify, when Maison de Purin says “truffle” they are not talking about the round chocolates, but the fancy mushrooms used in haute cuisine.

At first glance, the esse seems very close to the purin normal, as it is a custard base with a black truffle caramel sauce on top. The sauce color appears a little darker than most purins.

And to everyone’s surprise, according to the Sora News reporter, the pudding tasted better than he thought.

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What is the value of these puddings that you can only find in Japan?

Well, by the common price of these ingredients, you might already be thinking that these puddings cost a fortune, with values ​​in the triple digits.

But it’s not quite like that, the caviar one costs 800 yen (R$30.00), and the truffle one costs 500 yen (R$18.00). We often pay these amounts in some restaurants for desserts that are not tasty and don’t even have these types of ingredients.

Source: Sora News.

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