there are vending machines everywhere!

Vending machines in Japan can be seen in droves and in different places. Where you least expect it, there will be a machine waiting for you so you can enjoy a good drink, eat a quick snack or even buy cigarettes. Also, there are more sophisticated machines than even good ramen, but those are a bit rarer.

Regardless of anything, the fact is that they exist in droves.


Vending Machines in Japan

You might think that having so many machines isn’t necessary, but have you ever had a late-night or early-morning craving for a specific drink — or even a random snack? And it’s right at that time that there’s nothing open. I bet you wish there was a vending machine nearby. If you’re in Japan, it’s almost a rule to have one just a few steps away.

How many vending machines are there in Japan? There are so many of them – it is even said to have a vending machine for 23 people! There are more than 5 million vending machines across the country. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, these vending machines are a reflection of the local consumer society – not to mention the reliability of the Japanese.


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The arrival of vending machines in Japan

There are 15 million vending machines around the world, and Japan takes about a third of that – the numbers are just over 5 million in Japan alone! With so many of them in just one country, you’ll be surprised to know where to find one – there’s even one at the summit of Mount Fuji!

Vending machines were used as early as the 1960s. When it all started, there was an increase in the 100 yen supply so that citizens could use vending machines more easily. Vending machines have been so successful in Japan due to the local population’s need for convenience – and with the high population density, demand has increased.

A lot can be said about Japanese culture just from the obvious existence and high use of vending machines in Japan. How the country, as well as the function of the people, brought about the implementation, expansion, and ultimately the success of vending machines in the country.

These machines have found fertile ground in Japan where people are always rushing to get things done. Furthermore, the country has a strong cash culture and they always prefer to use cash over cards.


As much as this has changed a little in recent years, the simple fact that someone always has coins in their pocket already makes using these machines easier.

In addition, these machines also generate a lot of money for the country’s economy.

Source: Japan Junky.

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