The young woman who threw herself on her husband’s kamikaze plane to die with him

A kamikaze plane is one of the main images when talking about World War II in Japan. These planes only had one pilot with one fuel just to get to a certain location and not come back.

When the pilot reached the target, he was supposed to kill himself. It was a suicide mission that aimed to turn men and planes into a weapon to try to win the war. Among the Japanese at the time, having a kamikaze in the family, for many, was synonymous with pride.


After all, this was a man, normally a young man, who was giving his life in defense of the nation. Not a few pilots were given this mission.

However, one of the most interesting stories of these attacks was when a woman got on the same plane as her husband to kill herself with him.


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A young woman inside a kamikaze plane

“There’s a woman on the plane!” someone shouted, as a pilot’s wife joined him on a Japanese “kamikaze” suicide plane at a military airfield in China, before they soared into the sky together, never to return.

The alarm was raised at 2 am on August 19, 1945, when a person at Daikosan air station in Japanese-occupied Manchuria watched a woman in a white dress approach the aircraft piloted by her husband and throw her guard down. sun outside before arriving. in the back seat. But her exclamations could barely be heard above the others cheering the departing flights of kamikaze planes, all intent on colliding with a corps of Soviet tanks.

This extraordinary episode unfolded just four days after Japan surrendered to end the War in the Pacific. However, fighting continued against Soviet forces who began invading the territory on 9 August.


The woman in the white dress was 24-year-old Asako Tanifuji. Tetsuo, the man she chose to fly and die with, was a 22-year-old member of the Fifth Air Training Squadron. The couple had been married for just over a year.

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Kamikaze plane with a couple

Tetsuo was born in Tanabu City (in present-day Mutsu City) in Aomori Prefecture in March 1923. In 1943, he passed the test to become an Army Special Pilot Apprentice Officer and entered the Army Flight Training School. Tachiarai in Fukuoka Prefecture as a member of the inaugural class of special pilots. He met Asako soon after, and they were married in a simple ceremony in Tanabu in July 1944.

In October 1944, Tetsuo was sent to Manchuria. Most of those who knew him during his time with the Fifth Air Training Unit have now passed away, and it was a mystery what drove him on a suicide mission alongside his beloved Asako.

On August 19, 1945, 11 kamikaze pilots, including Tetsuo, left Daikosan airfield, accompanied by Asako and another woman working at an inn. Two of the 11 planes had engine problems and returned. The fate of the remaining nine aircraft and the 11 people on them remains unknown.

Source: Mainichi.JP.

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