The tastiest and most unusual street foods in Japan

The street foods of Japan are certainly one of the reasons for someone to walk for several hours along the streets of the main cities.

Walking the streets is certainly a way to connect with the culture of the country, as well as being able to do a tour where you can discover things without anyone telling you what to do.


And, of course, it’s also a great time to try different foods. Here we present you some of these foods for you to try them or just to let you know that they exist, in case you don’t have the courage to eat some.

Japanese street foods: imagayaki – a sweet bean pancake


One of the foods you can find on the streets of Tokyo, for example, is imagayaki. This is a very famous sweet in the country.

O imagawayaki is a type of stuffed pancake that is usually filled with red beans or cream. Its sweet potato flavor is a favorite, with a melt-in-your-mouth filling that is both hearty and autumnal, marked with a cheerful design on the pancake.

This simple design and all the care taken with this sweet certainly make it something even more special beyond its flavor.


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Japanese street foods: takoyaki

takoyaki are golden balls of fried dough stuffed with pieces of octopus, tenkasu (tempura leftovers), benishoga (pickled ginger) and chives.

If you like to try country street food, you need to eat one of these.


The dish is originally from Osaka, the balls of dough are fried in special cast iron pans, and you can watch as vendors of takoyaki skillfully launch the balls at a fast pace using chopsticks.

takoyaki it’s incredibly tasty and addictive – just be careful not to burn your tongue!

Japanese street foods: ikayaki

While squid grilled on a stick may not seem like the most glamorous or appealing snack to some, Japanese street food chefs have mastered the best in a simple concept. Fresh, tender squid is grilled over charcoal, coated with a generous layer of shoyu (soy sauce) and served with a slice of lemon or lime.

ikayaki it’s a meaty, flavorful meal that’s ready to order almost instantly.

Japanese street food: caramelized fruit

A street classic everywhere, candied fruit can be found all over Japan and in many variations. In anzu love (candied apricot) a ringo love (candied apples), these various fruits dipped in candy syrup will leave you wanting more. You should especially try ichigo love (candied strawberries) at the height of strawberry season for a true Japanese treat.

Japanese street foods: Nikuman

Don’t underestimate this bun. It is steamed and contains different fillings.

This is a food that was inherited from China and has been a real hit in Japan since the last century. You can either buy it at a convenience store or in the country’s street food stores.

Japan Street Food: Bonus – Insects

It’s not easy to find this type of food on the streets of Japan, but you could find yourself walking into a restaurant that serves insects without knowing it.

The most common dish in the country made with insects is locusts with rice, or inago. Locusts are the most common insects eaten in Japan. They are pests that eat rice fields, so people used to catch them in the rice field and eat them as a tasty snack.

However, they are not as common these days because their agricultural chemicals keep their numbers low. With no practical reason to chew the hoppers, people had to start eating them on purpose.

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