The number of people run over in Japan is growing because they are sleeping on the roads

The number of people run over in Japan has increased. The most curious thing for those who don’t live in the country is that many of those people who ended up being run over were sleeping on the street.

And that doesn’t mean they don’t have a home or some shelter. But they were simply people who suddenly decided to take a nap somewhere. And the chosen place was the street.


As strange as it may seem, seeing someone sleeping on the street is not so hard to see in Japan.

So, check out more data on this accident statistics in Japan and how the country’s government intends to take measures so that this number does not grow even more in the following year.


The number of people being run over in Japan grows

The number of traffic deaths attributed to people falling asleep on the roads has risen sharply in Japan’s capital this year, nearly doubling from 2021.

As of late November 2022, the number of people who died after being run over while sleeping on the streets of Tokyo this year reached 13, compared with seven in the entire previous year.


There is concern that the 2022 total will increase further as holiday parties and other occasions for drinking in large numbers – which people have generally avoided in the last couple of years due to the coronavirus pandemic – are likely to return this year.

People end up falling asleep in the streets because they go to bars and when they leave, they can’t walk because they’ve had so much to drink. Thus, they end up lying down in the streets to take a nap and resume their journey home.

A Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) official urges people to avoid drinking too much and return home safely so that tragedies like this do not happen.


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Measures to prevent the increase of people run over in Japan who are sleeping on the street

According to the MPD’s general traffic affairs division, 10 of the 13 victims were sleeping on the road after drinking.

Furthermore, three people were killed in November 2022 alone, all struck while sitting or lying on the road after drinking.

To help prevent such accidents, MPD made a public information video. It features the comedy duo Cowcow and urges people not to sleep on the road and take other precautions, accompanied by their popular jokes. The video will be displayed on the vehicle monitors of around 60,000 taxis in Tokyo and other areas by December 31st.

The MPD also requested the cooperation of the Tokyo Taxi Drivers Association and other organizations to slow down their vehicles at night, use high beams and call the police if they find a person sleeping on the road.

Thus, we hope that the Japanese will be able to find more comfortable and less risky places to recover from drinking.

Source: Mainichi.JP

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