The Motorcycle Shrine in Japan to reduce the number of accidents

As in much of the world, motorcycles in Japan also suffer accidents.

As much as the country’s traffic rules are stricter when compared to Brazil, even so, sometimes, something happens. There, for example, it is forbidden to do the so-called corridor, which is when motorcycles ride between cars. But that doesn’t prevent any accident from happening, after all, an unforeseen can occur.


But the Japanese have a way of asking for protection. Bikers can claim protection at an exclusive motorcycle sanctuary.

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Motorcycle shrine in Japan

There are tens of thousands of Shinto shrines across Japan and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They also have a plethora of individual themes that visitors may want to visit for highly specific prayers. In addition, temples are named after a number of things, including cats.

So, did you know that there are 17 motorcycle shrines that have been sanctioned by the Japan Motorcycle Association?

Below we will introduce you to one of them.

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The motorcycle shrine in Japan Sanuki Waraku


The Sanuki Waraku motorcycle shrine ( Sanuki Waraku Ōtobai Jinja ) was founded by a biker-turned-Shinto priest named Katsuhisa Mino in June 2017. Mino has been an avid biker for more than half of his life. However, an accident forced him to abandon his beloved hobby.

Instead of letting the accident get him down, Mino decided to do something for the riders who were still on the road and that would eventually result in the creation of his motorcycle sanctuary. “All I want is for drivers not to get injured or have accidents. That’s it,” Mino said during an interview for a Kagawa TV report.

Although small, the shrine is 100 percent legitimate, as Mino went through the certification process as a Shinto priest to open it. Interestingly, this is also not the first shrine of its kind in Japan. For example, there is also one in Shimane and another in Hiroshima prefectures.

Bikers visiting the shrine can have Mino perform an authentic purification ceremony.” oharai ” for your motorcycle. The idea behind this ritual is that it will help keep pilots safe. Following the ritual, motorcycle owners are still treated to a free vitamin drink. And of course Mino also sells prayer boards emu protection amulets omamori themed motorcycle and other traffic safety products.

The shrine is located near the Miki interchange along the Takamatsu Express, adjacent to a cafe-style restaurant called Waraku, which is also owned by Mino. This cafe was already well known in the area before the sanctuary for offering a wide selection of delicious and affordable menu items such as only preto, which are noodles made from black rice flour.

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