The Kanji of 2022: War

The Japanese kanji to characterize what the year 2022 was has already been chosen.

First of all, it is necessary to know that Japan has a culture of choosing a character to symbolize the year that has passed. In the year 2022, we can highlight countless things that happened, but one of the most striking and that affected the whole world was the war between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, we still had the continuity of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Cup among many other things. As we will see below, the Japanese kanji still symbolized the battles fought by the Japanese team in the sporting event.


However, certainly, the war affected thousands of lives.

Thus, the Japanese selected the war character to symbolize the year 2022. Check here how this choice was made.


Japanese kanji and the year 2022

The Japanese kanji for the year 2022 is sen (戦). It means war or battle and was chosen as the most representative Chinese character corresponding to the social climate in Japan this year.

Selection for the 28th annual survey conducted by the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation, based on votes from the general public, came as the Russian invasion of Ukraine and other international conflicts dominate the headlines.

The foundation received 223,700 responses. Sen had the highest number with 10,804. In second place was yasu (安), meaning weak, in reference to the weak yen, which garnered 10,616 votes.


It is necessary to highlight the weak vote received. After all, Japan has been dealing with a financial crisis that has a direct impact on people’s lives. Despite the fact that other places on the planet are in an even bigger crisis, Japan is already concerned about how long the yen will be weakened and how this could affect the country’s economy and the daily lives of residents in the country.

Sen it also illustrated the public’s excitement over the heated battles that the Japanese national football team has been fighting at the World Cup held in Qatar since the end of November. Samurai Blue was eliminated in the Round of 16.

In Kyoto, the chief Buddhist priest Seihan Mori of Kiyomizu Temple made the announcement by writing the character with a giant calligraphy brush on washi, or Japanese paper, 1.5 meters high and 1.3 meters wide. This incredible time, a very famous place in the country, is now home to the Japanese kanji symbol of 2022.


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Last year’s Japanese kanji

Last year, the kanji for relatives meaning gold or money, was chosen after Japan had its best haul of 27 gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics in the summer.

This is the second time that without was chose. It was also chosen in December 2001, when terrorist attacks in the United States and domestic job cuts were among the reasons cited.

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