the Japanese meal of more than R$1,000.00

Would you have the courage to pay R$1000.00 or more for a Japanese meal?

Certainly not everyone can afford that amount for a meal, and not everyone will be willing to shell out that amount either. However, what makes a meal reach this value?


It is possible to eat such a meal in cheaper places in Japan. However, the best restaurants are quite expensive. And it’s not hard to find a place where you’ll have to pay a thousand reais or more to get a bite to eat.

Meet here the omakase which is a meal prepared by a chef exclusively for one person.


The Japanese Meal Made Just for You

omasake can be defined as “I trust you”. And it’s as if the customer is saying this to the boss. And that’s the term he’ll say to the restaurant chef as soon as he sits down at the counter.

In turn, the chef of the restaurant receives the trust of the customer and will make an exclusive meal for him. So there is no closed menu where someone chooses something and then the chef prepares it. Everything is done from the moment the person arrives at the restaurant and the chef makes something just for him.

Something interesting about this type of meal is that it cannot be repeated another time the customer goes to the restaurant. Because not even the ingredients are always the same, they vary according to the time of year, for example.


In addition to being an extremely fresh meal, as you may have already noticed, it is also very elegant. And the chef might even change his mind and modify a recipe while he’s making it for someone else.

As a chef only takes care of the restaurant, the establishment often places a restriction on the number of people who can be served. After all, the boss needs concentration to be able to please everyone.

But don’t think you have to go to Japan to have an exclusive chef cook this meal for you. In large cities in Brazil this service is also available and you will pay a much lower price than if you went to Japan to eat.

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The story of this Japanese meal

omakase it is not a secular tradition. It is said to have originated in sushi restaurants, where the term was popularized during the 1990s.

Before the 90s, sushi restaurants were very expensive and there was not always an exclusive place to eat sushi. In view of this, the market need to serve something more unique and sophisticated.

According to the Live Japan website, thechefs also liked omakase, as it allowed them to serve fish and other ingredients they had on hand without letting customers down. And it was easier for customers to just leave everything to their trusted hosts and continue their conversations with friends and co-workers, rather than having to decide on specific items.

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