the hot spring in Japan of 100ºC

Steam rises at Umi Jigoku, the place is known as the sea of ​​hell, but it is a hot spring in Japan. Because of its nickname, don’t think that some kind of demon or something will come out of there, this name is just to refer to its incredible smoke.

The water there can reach 100º C. That is, if you fall into these waters, you will certainly be boiled. This is just one of the “hot spring hells” in Beppu, Oita Prefecture. Flowing since the eruption of Mount Tsurumi some 1,200 years ago, these springs are for observation only, and rest assured, you won’t want to jump into these waters even if it’s freezing cold.


Once considered a cursed land that people feared to approach, cooler foot baths are also available and numerous hot springs for bathing dot the landscape of Beppu, which boasts the highest production of hot spring water in Japan.

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The hot spring in Japan that can cook you

In Beppu, a city of hot springs, there are many jigoku or hells where the gushing water creates a breathtaking sight. Jigoku meguri or hellish rides have become a standard tourist activity. The most famous of these are Blood Lagoon Hell and Oniishi Bozu Hell, but the biggest of these is Umi-Jigoku or Sea Hell.

Umi-Jigoku has become especially popular recently, not just because of its size and beauty, but also because of the many things to see and do there.

Umi-Jigoku is surrounded by a large garden. The garden is well maintained with footpaths that are perfect for a leisurely stroll. There is also a somewhat tropical area with large palm trees growing in clusters.


In additionAs you head up the hill from the lakeside at Umi-Jigoku, you’ll see a path lined with red torii gates. This is Hakuryu Inari Daijin🇧🇷

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The hot spring in Japan: the other hell

In the same location as Umi-Jigoku, there is another hell called Akaike Jigoku, which you can visit at the same time.

This one is also surprising, it is characterized by its bright red color, in contrast to Umi-Jigoku. So, believe me, he looks pretty hellish. The vivid contrast of cobalt blue and copper red made me feel the mysterious power of nature.

Umi-Jigoku also has many other attractions, such as an observatory from which you have a panoramic view of hell; foot baths with thermal waters and a greenhouse where you can enjoy tropical plants. If you go on a tour of hell in Beppu, be sure to visit Umi-Jigoku!

Also, be sure to buy a good souvenir to always remember the place.

Source: Japan Today and Beppu Midoubaru

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