The Chainsaw Man Anime Has Been Rumoured To Be Cancelled Online

Do online rumors indicate that the American broadcast of the Chainsaw Man anime has been canceled, is there any truth to these allegations?

On October 11, The Chainsaw Man anime debuted with possibly one of the best first episodes in recent memory. The second episode, which debuted on October 18, moved much more slowly than the first one did. It introduced Aki and Power as well as the idea of Public Safety devil hunting.

Here is everything you need to know about online reports that the Chainsaw Man anime has been canceled in America while fans across the world are watching the second episode of the series.

Chainsaw Man Anime Canceled Rumors Explained

Neither the domestic Japanese broadcast of the Chainsaw Man anime nor its global streaming release via Crunchyroll has been canceled.

It’s impossible to pinpoint where these claims first surfaced, but on October 12, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission published a thread regarding the anime Chainsaw Man, which some fans may have mistakenly linked to the recent allegations that the series was being canceled.

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The thread poked light on the series title, “Man made of Chainsaws. Hm,” before offering readers some sound advice on how to use chainsaws and other potentially dangerous equipment safely. Here is a more thorough summary of the posts.

Even though online allegations that the anime broadcast has been canceled are false, there is an interesting element to the “cancel culture” movement, even though it is wildly exaggerated after only two episodes.


The chainsaw man anime canceled

In just 16 hours after it was released on YouTube, a 15-second video titled “CHAINSAWMAN CANCELED” by user Bald News had amassed more than 26,000 views.

“This just happened, Chainsaw Man has been canceled in America. The first anime that has ever been canceled in America and the reason is shocking, the Chainsaw Man’s boss [Makima] is a predator and Denji, although considered an adult in Japan, is not considered an adult here [in America] and it’s canceled.” – Bald News, via YouTube.

Denji is depicted as being 16 years old in the first chapters of both the Chainsaw Man manga and the MAPPA adaptation’s new anime. However, unlike what the video suggests, Denji is not legally considered an adult in Japan, where the legal age of the majority is 18 – the same as in the United States.

These suspicions most likely started after Makima stated in Chainsaw Man episode 2 that she was interested in “Denji-type of guys” and would treat a man like a pet. Although there is no explicit sexual contact between the two in the second episode of the series, she is merely trying to force him to join their experimental devil-hunting team.

Despite our desire to avoid giving away season events, there may be elements that may make some viewers uncomfortable due to the age gap between the two; Makima is in her mid-twenties, but her exact age is still unknown.

There are threads about the show being canceled because Denji handled guns while still a minor, but the thread’s creator has acknowledged that these messages are false and that they were the result of trolling.

It is important to remember that Chainsaw Man is classified as 17+ for a reason and was not created with a younger audience in mind.

To be clear, the Crunchyroll simulcast of Chainsaw Man has not been canceled; episode 2, “Arrival in Tokyo,” was released on October 18 and the future episodes will stream as scheduled.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Introduces Two New Characters

The second episode of the Chainsaw Man anime introduced the audience to Power, a Fiend, as well as Aki Hayakawa, a devil hunter who works with Makima at Public Safety.

According to Aki, Fiends are made when a devil inhabits the body of a human, and they are frequently recognized by having distinctive head shapes or traits, such as horns or pincers.

Power is immature, overexcited, and completely self-motivated; she scolds Denji for not giving her a devil to kill before running off by herself to slay the Sea Cucumber devil in one hit.

On the other side, Denji gets chastised by Aki for not taking the job seriously and even goes so far as to beat him up on their first trip. Aki is a stoic and proud member of the devil-hunting community.

We begin to comprehend why Aki is so serious in his introduction after he explains how devils slaughtered his entire family, however his annoyance with Denji increases as the two are made to live together.

Over Chainsaw Man’s upcoming episodes, Power and Aki will undoubtedly win over fans as favorite characters. However, be careful not to go too far into their backstories because there are many spoilers on social media.

Last Phases

Chainsaw Man promises to be a success, and while the season starts slowly, we know it’s building to something fantastic. I’m excited about forthcoming episodes. So, imagine my astonishment when I discovered that the show would be banned in the US; even though I don’t watch it from the US, this news frightened me.

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