The amazing cafe from Stranger Things in Japan!

The great success of Netflix, Stranger Thingsinspired a cafe in Japan.

The series tells the story of a group of kids in the 1980s who get involved in an extremely crazy supernatural world, doing secret government exploits and adventuring in amazing ways.


And so, in July 2022, Netflix decided to team up with a Japanese coffee chain to open a Stranger Things themed cafe in Shibuya, a trendy neighborhood in Tokyo.

However, coffee was not made to last for long. Despite its success, it should come to an end at the end of 2022, not reaching the year 2023.


So, if you are on your way to Tokyo in the year 2022, be sure to see this amazing cafe and have a good time. For sure, this is a unique experience.

Stranger Thing in Japan and the amazing cafe in Shibuya

Due to the coffee’s overwhelming popularity – this is the only collaboration coffee from Stranger Things worldwide – getting a reservation there is extremely complicated.


The café is always filled with displays and decorations that fans of the show are sure to instantly recognise, such as the iconic promotional posters for each episode of Season 4, designed by Brazilian artist Butcher Billy.

The menu is full of iconic dishes from the series, like Eleven’s beloved Eggo Waffles (800 yen [aproximadamente R$ 30,00]) and a Demogorgon Roast Beef Pasta (1,650 yen [aproximadamente R$ 65,00]), which comes with slices of meat arranged like a Demogorgon’s face.

In addition, there is also ‘El’s First Burger’ (1,650 yen [aproximadamente R$ 65,00]) and an Upside Down Cream Soda (700 yen [aproximadamente R$ 27,00]🇧🇷


In addition, it is also possible to buy some souvenirs, such as a Stranger Things keychain (880 yen [aproximadamente R$ 33,00]) and an Eleven pin (550 yen [aproximadamente R$ 21,00]🇧🇷

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What else to expect from Stranger Things cafe in Japan

There were also plenty of nods to the most recent season, like the sheet rope that allows Dustin to have the gang travel between worlds. So, whoever wants to, can take a picture there and reproduce the scene.

And speaking of Season 4, there was also a clock on the wall, like the ones Vecna ​​was obsessed with. If you roll your eyes and jump in the air (and you also have a friend who is excellent at taking pictures at just the right time), it can feel like you’re being controlled by the Season 4 villain.

Nods to Surfer Boy Pizza and Scoops Ahoy were also in attendance, with cafe staff dressed as Scoops Ahoy staff. Steve and Robin would be proud!

For fans to be even more surprised, there’s also a location with some Demogorgon art.

As the cafe is full of things and there is a huge queue, there is a predetermined time for visitation of 1 hour. So, the best thing is to already know what the space is like and try to make the most of it.

Source: Sora News.

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