“That has to be frozen pork belly.” Homemade sweets final form has Twitter in disbelief

When it comes to Japanese summertime sweets, kakigori (shaved ice) may be the the top favorite. Kakigori is often enjoyed at summer festivals, but a wide variety of delicious flavors has made it a dessert staple at many cafes and restaurants as well.

It’s also simple enough to make at home. At least, that’s what Kikka (@K_Link_) thought when they decided to whip up a serving of strawberry milk kakigori.


When Kikka ‘s homemade kakigori was finished, however, she was surprised to see that it didn’t look quite like the usual shaved ice, and something else entirely instead. Kikka shared pictures of the dessert to twitter and many couldn’t believe it was actually kakigori at all!

As Kikka explains and many online agreed, what was supposed to be a nice serving of strawberry milk kakigori ended up looking like frozen pork belly!


Kikka’s strawberry milk shaved ice was a success flavor-wise, reportedly, but no matter how you look at it, it looks like pre-thawed pork season with pepper. Kikka made the kakigori using a shaved ice machine called Otona that’s meant to turn frozen fruit and ice into fluffy kakigori.

However, the recipe Kikka used calls for condensed milk, which Kikka is not fond of, so she used whipped cream instead. Mixing homemade strawberry jam and whipped cream in the machine resulted in a rounded out and hardened pastrami-like finish.

Kikka says that while the kakigori tasted just as good as any they’ve had, it just goes to show how a minor change in recipe directions can change the finished product so drastically. It’s also a great way to make sure nobody steals your kakigori!


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