Tanuki, Japanese wild animal, invades station and causes beautiful reactions

A very cute Japanese wild animal is the tanuki.

He looks like a cat bear, but they are actually raccoons with sharp teeth.


According to legend, the tanuki they are well adapted to various environments, from mountain forests to urban areas, and possess a variety of magical abilities. Unlike the foxes that appear in the myths of many countries around the world, the tanuki It is only found in Japan.

So, it is very beautiful and for sure, if you see one, you will feel like squeezing it. However, we do not recommend doing this because he can attack you. But, have you ever thought amidst the crowded subway and train of Tokyo, you find a wild animal like this? At the very least be something surprising in the routine of anyone who is rushing to work.


In this way, see here how the presence of the tanuki on the subway in Japan was a nice surprise.

tanuki, a Japanese wild animal that invaded the Tokyo subway

On September 2, 2022, a rather unusual passenger was seen at Shinjuku Station, walking boldly towards the crossing gates among thousands of other passengers.

He even had his own personal porter on hand, in the form of a station worker, who was clearing the way for him and granting passers-by ample space, but this was no superstar or international celebrity — it was a wild animal called tanuki.

This bushy-tailed raccoon dog attracted almost as much attention as a celebrity, with passersby stopping to film him as he made his way through the station. Even domesticated animals such as dogs and cats are rarely seen at the station, so seeing a tanuki, a wild animal said to change shape in Japanese mythology, was a rare sight.


What made his appearance even more surprising was the way he wasn’t hiding from humans or running towards the nearest hiding place – he was walking boldly and purposefully through the station, as if he were a shapeshifter salaryman on his way home from work.

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But where did this wild Japanese animal come from?

Was it a wild tanuki, someone’s lost pet, or a human in disguise? The truth behind the animal’s origins remains unclear, but according to @core_kaopy, the tanuki was first discovered on one of the station’s platforms around 9:30 pm. The station staff guided him from the platform, with the animal up the stairs and towards the south exit, where was this video madebefore finally walking through the ticket gates and disappearing into the night.

The mystery of the tanuki at Shinjuku Station is made all the more intriguing by the fact that the station’s true mascot character is… a tanuki called Tanutanu, who is said to love trains and often gives tours of Shinjuku Station.

Source: Sora News.

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