Suicides in Japan among unemployed and elderly explode

The number of suicides in Japan in 2022 increased from the previous year. This is a true milestone, as the increase was driven by the first increase in suicides among men in 13 years. The information was released by the Japanese government itself.


It is also worth mentioning that the government declared only suicide attempts that were carried out. That is, it did not count the attempts.


Check here the data and possible reasons for this increase.

Suicides in Japan: A Terrible Rate

Deaths among men rose by 604 to 14,543, leading to 21,584 suicides nationwide, up 577 from the previous year. The numbers remained high in recent years during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, there was no growth like this.


“The increase in men aged between 40 and 60, as well as retirees or unemployed, stands out,” said an official at the Ministry of Health. “Suicides of famous people may also have had an effect.”

While preliminary data shows that female suicides have dropped by 27 to 7,041, that’s still about 1,000 more than pre-pandemic numbers. The final numbers, released in March of each year, tend to increase in relation to the preliminary ones.

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The rise of suicides in Japan among men

The number of suicides in the country had been falling for 10 consecutive years until 2019, when there were 20,169 suicides, but it showed a sharp increase and remained high since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Thus, we can conclude that the pandemic affected people not only in relation to the disease, but also psychologically and emotionally.


Suicide among the unemployed in 2022 nearly doubled to 1,038 people, while the number of people living on pensions or employment benefits rose by 705 to 5,347.

The most cited reason was health problems, totaling 11,125 people, followed by 4,214 who indicated family problems.

“Inflation and the worsening economy caused by a weak yen may have had an impact,” said Chiyo Igarashi, a professor of health sciences at Tokyo University of Technology and an expert on suicide prevention.


It is also necessary to highlight the lack of nurses and occupational physicians in small and medium-sized companies, he added. These types of professionals could help prevent suicides and provide initial help for these people.

Meanwhile, the number of suicides among elementary and high school students dropped by 3, reaching 441. However, it should be noted that even so, this is a high number. After all, we are talking about children and young people who probably end up killing themselves because of bullying, pressure or lack of perspective in adult life.

The data were compiled by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare based on suicide statistics released by the National Police Agency.

We expect these numbers to decrease in the coming years.

Source: Japan Today.

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