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Sugar and spice and everything nice: Japanese illustrator ERIMO’s delectably fashionable girls

Known for her beautiful artwork in light novels and memorable character designs for such popular franchises as FGO (Craft Essence Illustration) and Fire Emblem Cipher, the talented Japanese illustrator ERIMO is also very popular with her fans for her original artwork. A rising star in the world of Japanese illustrators, she had her first solo exhibition in January and was chosen to be featured in the Exhibition of 100 Leading Anime and Manga Illustrators in August, which we reported on last year.

The girls in ERIMO’s illustrations are cute, confident, and dressed in clothes which are at times kawaii and adorable, at times elegant and elaborate. Thematically, she enjoys pairing fashion and sweet foods, such as cakes, ice cream, and fruits, the results sometimes remaining conceptual, and other times branching out into real-world apparel and accessories, and even collaborations with fashion brands. In addition, she is known for her Oshogatsu-chan series, an East-meets-West pairing of two girls, Oshogatsu-chan and Christmas-chan, personifying the Japanese New Year’s holiday of Oshogatsu お正月 and Christmas.

Oshogatsu-chan and Christmas-chan

Oshogastsu-chan and Christmas-chan are characters I have been drawing since Winter 2011. The original idea for the project came from my wish to create characters based on a motif of Oshogatsu and Christmas which would be brimming with cute girls, sweets, and other things I personally adore.

I had long been attracted to the contrastive pairing of “Japan” and “the West,” so I wanted to create art that could express the beauty and designs born from their respective cultures. I feel that the balance between these two girls is just right to achieve this, and I’ve created nearly 40 illustrations and original goods featuring them over the past nine years.

Throughout that time, Oshogatsu-chan and Christmas-chan have guided me towards new challenges such as my recent collaborations with doll makers and cosplay fashion designers. You could say that they’ve become indispensable partners in my artistic journey.

Oshogatsu-chan and Christmas-chan were the theme of ERIMO’s highly successful first solo art exhibition which was held from January 17th to 23rd at the Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo. (See this report here).

As you can see below, many artists came to visit!

Sweet and fashionable

As we stated earlier, ERIMO loves sweet things. For example, she created a collection of illustrations pairing girls and four fruits: strawberry, grape, lemon and melon:

Sweets Lingerie
One of ERIMO’s most popular projects is her Sweets Lingerie series, which was picked up in a crowdfunding campaign on Campfire which achieved an astonishing 836% of its initial goal, resulting in real lingerie made in collaboration with fashion brands Sugar Confectionery and Parfaite based on her cute and sexy illustrations of sweets-inspired designs.

Reproduced with permission from © ERIMO (@ERIMO_WKS)
There’s strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake, pistachio cake, Mont Blanc (chestnut), strawberry mousse and blueberry cheesecake.
Reproduced with permission from © ERIMO (@ERIMO_WKS)

Face masks
During the pandemic, ERIMO hasn’t been resting in her laurels, not only continuing to create original works but also designing face masks featuring her Sweets Lingerie motif as well as Oshogatsu-chan and Christmas-chan:

These masks already sold out earlier this month but there are a few left from canceled orders, which you’ll be able to buy (if you act fast) from July 1st 20:00 JST on her online store on BOOTH (see below).
ERIMO links
If you’d like to see more of ERIMO’s beautiful art, here are the links to bookmark:
Pixiv Fanbox
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