students throw oil bomb at another child

A first-year high school student was injured by several second-grade boys in a violent incident at school in Sasbo, Nagasaki Prefecture. The facts were confirmed by officials of the municipal board of education and other sources to the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun.

Find out more here about this terrible incident and how one of the biggest problems in Japan right now is bullying, which occurs between people of different ages and affects thousands every year.


Bullying in Japan is Violent

According to the sources, the incident took place at a public high school in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture in mid-November of the year 2022. The students were using the school’s gym for club activities during their lunch break, when children older girls used an oil pump to wax the gym floor and hurt the freshman.

The victim did not fully recover, although he was expected to recover after about a week of treatment.


Furthermore, he has not been able to return to school since the attack due to emotional issues. The school principal said: “The injured student remains in severe shock. We will work hard to make it possible for him to return to school.”

And the student must be extremely traumatized. After all, he was hit by those who should have been his classmates, not bullies. However, we cannot say that this is an isolated case in Japan, but many others like this happen every day and affect many other children.

Thus, it is essential that measures are taken to prevent bullying and that situations like this do not happen again.


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The case of bullying in Japan and what should happen

The education board is treating the case as a “serious situation” under the country’s anti-bullying law, and board officials told Japan’s Mainichi newspaper that the Nagasaki Prefectural Police are also investigating the matter.

The school reported the incident to the board of education and held a general meeting on bullying and a parent briefing. Once police complete their investigation, the board and school plan to bring in outside experts to investigate the circumstances and determine what led up to the attack.

For the time being, awareness campaigns must continue and any instances of bullying of any kind that are witnessed need to be looked into by the Japanese authorities.


Anti-bullying legislation in 2013 requires schools to implement measures to identify bullying at an early stage and report even minor incidents as teasing. In addition, punishments for bullying cases have also been tightened to try to prevent these cases from happening even more.

Source: Mainichi newspaper.

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