Sexuality Revealed After Death? Was He In A Secret Relationship With Tab Hunter?

60s popular star Troy Donahue has been known for his brilliant acting skills and incredible looks. However, despite being the teen icon, he remained in several controversies. Back then, many believed that Troy Donahue was gay. It also created issues for him as it wasn’t acceptable then. Everyone was almost homophobic, and they thought homosexuality was taboo. So surviving in such an era and building a career in Hollywood wasn’t that easy. But Troy Donahue made it. Let’s see how far he went to prove his sexuality and earn more from his acting skills.

Early Life

He was born in New York City on January 27, 1936. Troy Donahue’s mother was a retired stage actress and the manager of General Motors of the motion picture. He grew up on Middle Road in Bayport and attended a New York military academy. Troy was about to attend West Point but missed it as he suffered a knee injury. Troy also volunteered for the army, but he didn’t get selected. When Troy was 18, he moved to New York and started working at a film company founded by his father. But unfortunately, he got fired. Later, he enrolled at Columbia University and studied journalism. After training briefly with Ezra Stone, Troy moved to Hollywood.


Troy Donahue Career

After Troy moved to Hollywood, director James Sheldon and producer William Asher spotted Troy in a diner and arranged a screen test. But it wasn’t successful. Unfortunately, sometime later, Troy met with a car accident, and later actress Fran Bennett introduced him to Henry Wilson. He later changed his name. Troy later signed with Universal Studios in October 1956. But it was a long way to go. Despite getting a chance from a big production studio, he got small film roles. In 1958, he got a slightly bigger role in Live Fast, Die Young.

Later Troy appeared in several guest roles, and he said in an interview that his guest roles were even better than his other roles. Troy finally got a big break opposite Sandra Dee in A Summer Place. The director then signed him for a long-term contract. A Summer Place appeared as the biggest hit and helped him earn his name. Troy again got a big break after Joshua Logan’s replaced by Delmer Daves, who starred Troy in Parrish. Later the team came up with a few more films, and Troy also became popular in Japan. But soon, he became a teen icon and later gained huge recognization. However, throughout his career, fans often doubted his sexuality. Is Troy Donahue gay? Let’s see.

Troy Donahue Gay

Is Troy Donahue Gay?

Although it took many years to build his career, Troy Donahue attracted a lot of controversy because of his sexuality. Many believed Troy Donahue was gay. The rumors surfaced in his 80s. Troy also addressed those rumors and stated he wasn’t gay. He appeared a straight man and married four times. He married Suzanne Pleshette in January 1964 and divorced nine months later. A couple of years later, Troy married another actress Valerie Allen, but they separated a year ago.

He married the executive secretary Alma Sharpe third time in November 1969, as he believed that she could only take care of him. But they ended their relationship in 1972, and in 1979, he married land developer Vicki Taylor and ended up in 1981. Troy was in a long-term relationship with Zheng Cao in his final years. However, he had no idea about his son until he met with his former wife. Then he learned he had a son named Sean. But it clears the air that Troy Donahue isn’t gay. In fact, he was mistaken by another Hollywood actor.

Troy Donahue Gay

Is Troy Donahue Alive?

Unfortunately, Troy Donahue died in September 2001. He is known for achieving teen heartthrob status in the 50s and 60s. Troy died in a California hospital. He was admitted as he suffered from a heart attack. Surprisingly, the emergency angioplasty was successful, but he suffered another heart attack. Troy also underwent bypass surgery. But he didn’t make it and died. However, years after his death, fans remained confused about his sexuality and wondered whether Troy Donahue secretly dated men. But Troy Donahue wasn’t gay.


What do you think about Troy Donahue’s sexuality? Did Troy ever live with his only son Sean? Comment down your thoughts. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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