Sakurako Okubo, Kyurangers’ Chameleon Green, shows her true colors in Flash #1568

Although it never got adapted to Power Rangers, Uchu Sentai Kyurangers was a popular sentai series both at home and abroad. With its galactic theme and a likable and dynamic team, it was a bold departure from previous series which won over many fans.

With a total of nine Rangers to choose from, there are surely fans of each Kyuranger, but it’s probably safe to say that one Ranger with a considerably large fanclub is Hammie, Chameleon Green. As the first female Green Ranger in a regular Sentai series, Hammie was played Sakurako Okubo. The 22-year-old Okubo is an up-and-coming actress who has, since last year, also begun exploring gravure photography.


Since her Kyuranger days, Okubo has kept busy, appearing in numerous television and web commercials, acting in Blackfox: Age of the Ninja, the live-action spinoff of Studio 3Hz’ Blackfox original anime film. She can also speak quite good English, as you’ll see in her first English interview with The Tokusatsu Network on the occasion of her role in the film Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad

As a gravure model, she released her first photo book SAKURAKO in 2019 and continues to make numerous appearances in magazines.
Sakurako Okubo in Flash Magazine
This time, in No. 1568 of popular Japanese entertainment magazine Flash, which came out July 28th, 2020, she graces the cover.


Inside the issue, Okubo poses for the camera while relaxing and making sweets in the kitchen in a special feature called: “Spend time with a heroine on her day off.”

Okubo had this to say about her experience:
When I began doing gravure modeling in May 2019, I had a hard time figuring out what the cameraman wanted me to do. I’ve been fortunate to have been featured in many magazines since then so I’ve gradually gotten more used to it, but I still practice my expressions and poses with selfies at home. When I take a picture I’m happy with, I post in on my Instagram, as a way of practicing (lol)

Sakurako Okubo, in a PR Times press release
If you’d like to know more about Sakurako Okubo, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.
The issue also has many other appealing photo features, with appearances by popular actress, singer and TV personality Aya Ueto…


…gravure idol Jun Amaki…

… spinoff idol unit Nemopero (Nagi Nemoto and Rin Kaname) who released their debut single earlier this year …

…CanCam model Honoka, in a special photoshoot with a Ferrari…
…and much more.
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