Review of immigration law in Japan. What changes for Brazilians?

Japan’s immigration law has been heavily criticized in recent years. Because of this, the government plans to resubmit a bill to revise the immigration law in the country.

However, little is known so far about it, but that, according to the Mainichi newspaper, there is a controversial proposal that should be established. Such a proposal had already generated a lot of criticism in 2021 and had been suspended.


The review of immigration law in Japan

The proposal is that foreigners who apply for refugee status more than twice will be eligible for deportation, an issue that will almost certainly provoke a backlash from government opposition parties when the bill is submitted to the ordinary session of the Diet scheduled for January 23. .

The measure also comes as the government intends to revise the principle of detaining illegal immigrants in immigration facilities.


In 2021, cross-party discussions to amend the proposed changes progressed, but then collapsed after the ruling parties refused to authorize the release of security camera footage showing 33-year-old detainee Ratnayake Liyanage Wishma Sandamali in Sri Lanka , before his death from mistreatment by the Immigration Services that year.

In 2022, the government and ruling bloc also shelved plans to introduce the bill.

The bill would make clear Japan’s intention to abandon its current “detention-centric” model, reported the Mainichi newspaper.


Under the new system, supporters are required to supervise detainees under the system of “supervisory measures” to temporarily allow individuals who are overstayed and others to live in society.

The latest version of the bill reduces the initially proposed level of accountability for these supporters by removing requirements for them to submit regular reports.

The possible changes also include clear stipulations on how it is determined that a person should be placed under supervisory measures and say that a judgment must be made every three months on whether an individual should continue to be detained.


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How can the revision of the immigration law in Japan affect Brazilians?

It is difficult for a Brazilian to be accepted in Japan if he/she files an application to immigrate as a refugee. This refugee status is only granted to people who are in conflict zones, for example.

And it is these people who will be most profoundly affected by this overhaul. Because, as seen earlier, if they have their refugee visa refused twice, they can be deported.

In the case of Brazilians, in order not to have problems, it is best to always be up to date with your immigrant obligations. Because, in Japan, inspection is very strict and it is difficult for anyone to stay there as an illegal immigrant.

Thus, Brazilians are left with the need to pay even more attention to their obligations so as not to run the risk of being deported.

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