Reasons to watch Felipe Castanhari’s Japan documentary

An excellent documentary about Japan for you to know the history of the country was quickly released by Felipe Castanhari.

Felipe Castanhari is one of the first youtubers in Brazil. His channel Nostalgia has gone through several transformations and, currently, he makes very well-crafted documentaries.


These documentaries are made with a lot of research to not give people wrong information. In addition, Castanhari has even commented that he received thanks from teachers who have already used his videos in class to explain the contents to students. After all, he has a unique way of explaining history. This makes anyone very interested in what he is talking about.

Now here are some reasons for you to watch this documentary.


Felipe Castanhari’s Japan documentary is one of the best you’ll see

One thing is for sure, this documentary is very well done and tries to bring the whole history of Japan. And when we talk about the whole history, don’t think that it’s only from the moment the country started to exist, but you will see the history even before Japan was Japan. Thus, you will be able to see how the geographical changes in the region were and get in touch with the native peoples there.

This is certainly a great opportunity to get to know a lot about Asia itself and not just about there.

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Japan documentary shows how the country became a rich and strong nation

The documentary is also interested in showing us how Japan became such a rich and strong country, despite its small territorial extension. Japan was one of the countries that later came into contact with the West. Therefore, it was hoped that he would not develop that much.

In addition, we cannot forget that Japan lost World War II and was bombed with two atomic bombs. But even so, the Japanese managed to rebuild. To know this in detail, be sure to watch the documentary.


The documentary of Japan, feudalism and the samurai

In Japan, we can say that there was feudalism, although it is not the same as the feudalism that existed in Europe. Felipe Castanhari shows us very well this passage of the country’s history bringing the samurai, the Mongol invasion and how it changed the history there and also how the unification of Japan was.

Buddhism and folklore portrayed in the documentary

In addition, it is possible to learn a lot about religion in the country. Not only about Buddhism, but also about Shinto. Castanhari shows how relations with other countries made possible the existence of Buddhism there. Folklore with monkeys and dragons is also explained and how they are in the country through a mixture with other cultures.

So, as you may have already noticed, this documentary also brings a lot about Asia, so it’s a great opportunity for you to learn about much more than just Japan.

Be sure to watch the documentary! It’s really worth it!

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