Pro-Wrestler Saves 10-Year-Old Girl From Train Station Drunk

Key Points

  • An elementary school student was grabbed by a drunk 61-year-old man in a Kanagawa train station
  • Pro-wrestler, Great-O-Khan, heard the young girl crying for help and intervened
  • The Kanagawa Prefectural Police awarded Great-O-Khan a letter of appreciation

The Incident

Around 8:50 PM at Musashi-Kosugi station, a drunk man (61 years old) grabbed a young girl (10 years old) waiting for her mother in front of the station bathroom. The Japanese pro-wrestler, Great-O-Khan, happened to be walking by and heard the young girl crying for her help. In one hand, he held a McDonald’s sakura mochi pie and a bag of pancakes so using his free hand, he put the drunkard into a hold.

Pro-wrestler, Great-O-Khan, demonstrating his hold on TV. Image screenshotted from ANN News Coverage.

At the end of this traumatizing experience, Great-O-Khan tried to cheer up the elementary schooler. He took out his McDonald’s petit pancakes, drizzled the syrup, and asked the girl, “Want some pancakes?”. Since he has a sweet tooth, he holds the belief that sweets make people happier. He thought it would help the 10-year-old feel less afraid staring up at the giant wrestler. Grateful for his intervention, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police presented him with a letter of appreciation for his heroic actions. The story of the pro-wrestler saving the young girl has blown up in Japan, prompting many to wonder just “Who is Great-O-Khan?”

Great-O-Khan recreates the scene of presenting the young girl with pancakes.
Great-O-Khan recreates the scene of presenting the young girl with pancakes. Image screenshotted from TBS News.

Who is Great-O-Khan?

At 188cm (6.2 ft) and 115 kilos (253 lbs.), Great-O-Khan is an intimidating figure. With his long beard and pigtails, his style earned him the stage name Great-O-Khan based on the historic Genghis Khan. His given name is Tomoyuki Oka born in Gunma prefecture on June 12th, 1991 (30 years old). From a young age, he showed a great aptitude for martial arts—particularly wrestling.

Unlike his heroic actions, the character he plays in wrestling is more devil than angel. He is ruthless in the ring, loving to refer to himself as a “villainous wrestler.” If you google clips of his matches, you will find him hitting people with chairs, crushing them in chokeholds, and even sitting on top of them. All while baring his very sharp filed down teeth.


Outside the ring, however, he has become a hero to look up to. In a country where people like to mind their own business, this hero’s message is, “if someone’s asking for help, then help!”



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