Pringles Japan takes on an American classic with the return of their cheeseburger flavour chips – grape Japan

Japan is home to plenty of exciting and interesting snack flavours, and inspiration for these creations can come from anywhere. In particular, Pringles have been exploring the various cuisines from around the world through their potato chips. In the past few years we’ve seen ‘Argentine BBQ Grill’ flavour, ‘Sichuan Stir-fried Chicken’, and even ‘London Fish and Chips’.

After all these tastebud journeys to new and far-flung regions, Pringles Japan are bringing back an old favourite for a limited time only. Pringles Cheeseburger is a classic flavour that represents the United States of America.


The chips themselves boast a distinctive cheese flavour, along with the taste of a grilled burger patty and even a subtle hint of pickles.

The packaging reflects the flavour with a yellow portion for the cheese and a brown colour to represent the patty and bread. Even Mr. P looks excited as he has been portrayed giving us a cheeky wink in the design.


The flavour is returning for just a limited time and will be available in various convenience stores across Japan. The short can will be going on sale from 30th May, while the long version will be appearing from 20th June.

By – grape Japan editorial staff.

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