Photographer captures breathtaking floating flowers in purifying fountain at Japanese temple

Fukuoka-based photographer Masashi (@masashi_photos) often shares his beautiful photography on Twitter.

The photos he recently took at Dazaifu-tenmangu, a temple in Dazai city, Fukuoka prefecture, and published are absolutely stunning.

Take a look at the beautiful sight he captured at the temple’s chozuya (purifying fountain).

The Chozuya was beautifully decorated by a countless numbers of large Hydrogen flowers floating on the water to color the season. You can see it even more clearly in the video.

Needless to say, there were many comments on the post:

“How beautiful!”
“It makes me feel cooler even by looking at them.”

“It’s such an empowering view.”
According to Dazaifu-tenmangu, this special event, Hana (Flower)-Chozu, is a limited event and ran only until June 25th, 2020.
We can’t wait to visit next year during Hydrogen season and see this soul-purifying sight in person!
Picture Source: masashi_photos
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