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Pandemic-struck Japanese fetish swimsuit brand seeks help through crowdfunding campaign

If you’ve been reading grape Japan for a while, you may remember Japanese nerd and fetish swimsuit brand “School Fiction” by Moira Design. Designer Moira has a knack for creating unique swimwear items often inspired by clothes worn in Japanese schools, which are often admired as kawaii and sometimes fetishized as fashion.

For example, we’ve seen their Chinese dress / school swimsuit hybrid, their bunny girl / nurse swimsuit hybrid and their Gakuran school uniform swimsuit hybrid.

Help keep School Fiction alive
Supported by cosplayers, fans of the kawaii and fetish look, and fans who just enjoy their high-quality Look Book (with well-known cosplayers modeling the outfits), School Fiction’s business has been performing swimmingly for the past seven years. Sadly, as with many services and retailers in the past few months, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on sales have been dire, and School Fiction is in urgent need of funds to stay afloat.

You may wonder why this is the case since they’ve been doing very well with online sales, even getting picked up quite frequently on major retailer Village Vanguard Online Store. The problem is one of the main methods the brand uses to stay in touch with its loyal fan base is a yearly exhibition and sale event called TEDDY PARTY! This year, they had to cancel the event, which put a serious dent in their expected revenue.
Crowdfunding campaign rewards

You’ll be able to see all the details if you visit their crowdfunding campaign page, but here are some of the highlights of the campaign’s rewards:
First time ever custom-order service: Everything from changing textile colors or arranging designs of existing items, all the way up to a full order of a custom piece.
Look Book 2: The sequel to the first highly popular Look Book. (Featured models from previous shoots: Nami Minami, Rose Melle, gyava. New models: Ringo Mitsuki, Peroneko, Kometsubu)
Photoshoot sessions of the models in School Fiction simwsuits (and other outfits)
And much much more…

Unsurprisingly, considering their past crowdfunding successes, the campaign has already well exceeded their initial goal, now at 275% with 5 days remaining.
The campaign ends on June 30th, so don’t delay!
Article Source: Grapee.jp


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