Now you can hang out with Uzaki-chan with this cute Nendoroid figure

If you’re a fan of Hana Uzaki, the boisterous protagonist of “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out,” then here’s something you may be interested in!
It’s Hana Uzaki as a Nedoroid figure!

Dressed in her signature SUGOI DEKAI T-shirt, she comes with a total of two chest parts and three face plates: a standard expression, a blushing expression, and of course, that annoying expression. You can almost hear her say: “Sempai…”
Sculptor Udono Kazuyoshi has done an amazing job here, paying attention to all the small details
Your Uzaki-han Nendoroid comes with:


Back and Front Hair Parts
Face Plates x3
Bodies x2
Right Arm Parts x3
Right Hand Parts x3
Left Arm Parts x2
Left Hand Parts x2
Connected Left and Right Arm Part x1
Right Leg Parts x2
Left Leg Part x1

Article Source: Grapee.Jp


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